Hair Loss during Pregnancy

Hi All, Yesterday i found out that i was pregnant, i think i am about 5 and half weeks. Over the last week and half i have been losing quite a lot of hair, alot more then i use too! Its mainly when i brush my hair or wash it. My hair is defnitaly alot thinner now thats for sure.I had a blood test done by my GP and that was fine. Has anyone else suffered hair loss during pregnancy? I am scared i won't have any hair by the time the baby is born!

Thanks x


  • Hiya. Firstly congratulations!
    yes i had hair loss in the first and second trimester but it has since eased off which i'm pleased about as i was starting to think the same as you, i'll have no hair left by the end.
    I just think it was another symptom. Try not to worry.

  • I lose loads of hair whenever I wash it!! More so in the first 3 months but has eased a little. My hair blocks the plug hole! Some people's hair gets thicker but we're the other half!

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  • Congrats Gemma!!
    I too have hair loss and the same as Hales (hiya Bump Buddy lol) it's eased off now.
    I don't think I'm gong to be one of the lucky ones that gets the thick lustrous hair they say about

    Good luck with everything hun
    Lisa 29 +4 xx
  • Thanks for replying ladies! I thought i was the only one! Going to treat myself to a new haircut at the weekend x
  • Hair loss is a very common sign during pregnancy, but there is one way my stylist suggested and I had adopted it following his explanation and the result was great.

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