severe heartburn

anyone know any good remedies for heartburn ?????

my god i feel like im on fire !!!


  • milk it is then !!!! as stranded at home and shop to far to hobble to on the crutches !!!
  • I use Rennies, which are good and also safe to use in pregnancy. In extreme circumstances, I use Zantac, however this isn't recommended during pregnancy, but sometimes I get it so bad that nothing else works. image

    G.x (33+1)
  • i have milk and find it helps alot,and they reccon eating little and offten helps with heartburn.
    hope it eases for you soon, i have it bad to.

  • i had a bowl of cereal for lunch, this was obviously too much and I should go back to having soup as i've had heartburn since mid afternoon! also dont have fizzy drinks that makes it worse. try having milk after meals especially evening as it helps line the stomach. Also, make sure your sitting up whilst eating. I knows these arent remedies but they help. Also when i get it at night, lie on your left sife it helps.....something to do with the way you digestive system lies! I know what its like. I can put up wth it for so long but my throat is feeling very warm at the mo! almost as bad a smorning sickness but you cant bring acid up! lol xxx
  • I have glass of milk and works straight away allways have one before bed. Also keep in my handbag rennie chewable pastles. They arnt chalky like gaviscon.
  • i find eating bread late on in the day seems to destroy me when it comes to going bed (which is when heartburn seems to get me most) so try not to eat much later on in the day, small and often i got told. Night time soup and some milk later on in the evening, fee 32wks x
  • Hey I just noticed this post and came for a nosey in the hope that you guys could fix me.
    I'm 19+1 and have suffered from Acid Reflux since I was about 13 (thats ages 13 not 13 weeks pregnant).
    I get all the same symptoms as heartburn but nothing relieves it image have tried all of the above to no avail.
    Will have to keep on suffering i guess! image xxx
  • yes my daughter was born with a reflux problem and nothing eased it for her bless her, she still has it alot now at almost 4 yrs old.
    im gratful i only suffer whilest im pregnant lol.

  • hi i had HORRENDOUS heart burn when pg from wk 6 to the moment labour started i drank 7 litres of gaviscon advance (normal gaviscon didnt help) throughout. nothing else worked and that only worked for a couple hours if that! xx
  • hi im 20 weeks pregnant had heartburn for last month i found gaviscon really horrid best thing rennies soft chews always got them by my bedside and used them first time round when i was pregnant
  • thanks girlys,, family and friends have said that gaviscon and rennies might not be safe but i was going to check with midwife but it seems that they are !!

    tried the milk works wonders although oh is thinking of getting a cow in the back yard !!!
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