Tearful over nothing...

Oh girls...

I am actually really happy at the mo... things are going well... but I am just so tearful, we had an anti natal class today and she said the baby cries when he is loney in the cot and my eyes welled up... I cried when I got home because OH had to go out & because i'd be in the house for a couple of hours on my own.. yesterday I just cried.. sobbed actually....Over nothing! In the supermarket with my mum some tiny little girl came up to me and said 'have you got a baby in your tummy?' I said yeah darling I do... she said 'Hello baby' and waved a tiny child's wave it was so sweet... i barely could hold it together!

I know it's prob just my hormones... it just seems to be something that happens to me rather than having any control...

sure it'll pass and sure i'm not alone... just had to share it!



  • ah bless you, i was like that with my first, and the same again this time!! i'd cry over blue cross ads for abandoned puppies, a picture of a baby my scan pic!!! it's definatley hormones and it only gets worse once baby is here, i cried just looking at my newborn cos i couldnt believe he was mine!! xx:roll:
  • Oh yes- the hormones definately make you more tearful and as you say it's nice things aswell as the bad that set me off.
    It does get better (well after about 10 years I think!)
  • Oh bless that little girl!! I prob would have been the same!! Know exactly how you feel hun. It will pass I promise, it's these bloody hormones!! A few weeks ago I was quite down and even wondering whether I even wanted to be pregnant ne more. Everyday I would cry at stupid things and cry myself to sleep at night. That was at about 28/29 to 31 or 32 weeks. It was awful. But now I honestly could'nt feel happier. I'm in pain with SPD and feel so tired with two older children to look after aswell but I'm feeling alot more positive now. Esp as I've only got 4 weeks to go and the end is finally in sight. Your right you don't have ne control, lol! I know I did'nt! I even cried at Golden Balls on Friday coz they split the 26 grand and went home with 13 each. I was so happy for them both, I cried!!! Now how weird is that??!! lol!! x x x
    Hope your feeling more in control soon hun.
  • Thanks Girls! x
  • Yeah Ive been the same, I cried because oh was late home last night. I have nearly cried a couple of times at work recently but managed to stop myself..once because I was reading a story in my diner and it was sad and then yesterday when they were talking about football because of something some little lad had said to one of the ladies sons. xxx


  • I cry at every sad story and tv programme going I too cried at ante-natal class when we watched the birthing video. How sad!

    I am a hormonal wreak god bless my husband!

    Joanna 33weeks
  • It's definitely hormones. I cry about the stupidest things. Mostly tv shows. Sad ones. Happy ones. I'm not selective. image
  • Me too...apart from crying before and after work because I hate it (thats another story on here) I cry at stuff...
    We were in Greece a couple of months ago..I found a six week 0ld kitten in the strret abandoned. I was crying my eyes out...my OH had to rent a hire car so we could take it to the animal resuce on the other side of the island...cried all the way till we found it...handed over the kitten to the nice man at the centre but couldnt speak!! OH had to apologise and say it was hormones!!! The kitten survived by the way....the rescue centre emailed me on return to Britain....that was another session off balling with joy!!
  • Oh dear - pregnancy is just not a stable place to be is it?!

    I have had crying/screaming fits over the most ridiculous things - where my dh has just looked at me as though I've lost the plot! If you're crying at kittens etc, wait til you clap eyes on your bubs! Now that is seriously emotional!

    This time tomorrow.....
  • Im exactly the same it doesnt take a lot for me to start lately, my electric went off yesterday and i cried for about 20 mins! No idea why! Pinkpig, that story is so lovely!x
  • I cried because OH told me I was crying because I was 'hormonal' lol I know that! He knows that! it just shouldn't be said! lol although i did laugh when he came out with it because he was trying to help and explain its normal!

    His mum had 6 kids and his an uncle to 17 from four of his sisters thank god so not really phased by hormonal women!!
  • I've been in tears all week lol. Mostly at oh for daring to go to work, but also at a selection of pretty random things. Last night we were looking at some baby pictures of Millie and I was crying because she's grown! Strangely stuff that would upset normal people doesn't seem to bother me at the minute, I just cry at random things that no one else even notices!
    Kerry xx
  • aww hun I'm exactly the same, I cry over everything! My husband has actually banned me from reading pick me up because all the stories make me cry! I cry at tv programmes, and thats saying something because cbeebies is the main channel watched in my house, I cried just now because I saw a robin out in the rain! Everything makes me cry, I'm not unhappy or anything so think it's just hormones.
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