Hot baths - banned or not?

Hi ladies
just read on someones blog that hot baths are banned when pregnant. But my shower blew up a few weeks ago and ive been having toastie baths since then!! imageops:

Is this really a no-no or not? have you all been advised against it cause my midwife never mentioned it (or at least i dont remember her saying it!!)

Lis x x


  • hi i also wonder this as i we only have a bath, no shower and there is nothing i love more than lying in a hot bath each night!!! this is my second pregnancy and i did it in my last too, and everything was fine and no midwife has ever mentioned this to me, or any baby books...i hope its not bad cause it really relaxes me and i top up with hit water when it starts getting even slightly cold !
  • Me too! I got OH to boil the kettle twice the other day as i didnt think the tap was hot enough!!! hope it isnt a problem as i find it really relaxing!!
    Isn't it silly how the slightest thing can send you into a worrying frenzy?! i havent read in any baby books either but just panic about stuff a bit too much!! ....perhaps i should have a bath to relax!!!

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  • Hi,

    The reason you should avoid hot baths (i.e. when you get out and your skin is pink!) is because it raises your body temperature and this can be harmful to your baby. That's what I've been told anyway! So have as many warm baths as you want just don't have them too piping hot - not good if you have low blood pressure either as tends to make you feel very dizzy when you get out.

    Liz x
  • My midwife told me to have a shower rather than a bath when I had low blood pressure as she said I might feel faint getting out. I never have baths anyway tho so not a prob. I do worry about overheating sometimes though but then I think well women in hot countries have babies no problem. I have had hot showers but I think a shower is different cos you're in and out so quickly. I would try not to stay in a hot bath too long but don't worry if you already have. x x x
  • I have mine really hot and I did last time as well and was ok who decides whats hot anyway what my oh calls hot is lukewarm to me x x x x
  • I was told that as a rule as long as you can get straight into the tub your water is cool enough, it's too hot if you have to ease yourself in, but most people wouldnt have it that hot anyway
  • i always thought its was something to do with the old days when they wanted to abort babies a hot bath and a bottle of gin i love hot baths to hotter the better
  • i was told about not having really hot baths while pregnant,
    i tend to shower everyday and just have a bath once a week i hate that the bath cant be piping hot as thats how i like them iv had to have them cooler and i dont enjoy it as much. but only 15 weeks left and i can have them as hot as i like again lol. xxx

  • hi, it is definitely to do with raising your body temperature too high - the same reason why pregnant women are advised to avoid sauna's/steam rooms etc. i understand that it is most important in the early months.
  • I was told that I really shouldn't have hot baths by quite a few people but I do tend to have them overly hot so perhaps thats why?

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