I'm really tired tonight

I have been most of the day but I've just had a bath, dried my mop of hair and I've sat down to have a look on BE (of course) and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I've felt really tired all day, my huuby was working until 6.30pm then away to play bloomin footballat 7pm, so I've done eveything with our little girl and I think its just totally shattered me out.

I'm not feeling that great today either, not ate much so not much energy which is not helping.

I think I might head to bed and get my dose of BE tomorrow!

Anne-Marie xxx


  • im feeling rather the same today, very tired, hope this isnt how its going to be for the next 19weeks lol. 10weeks and counting till my mateernaty leave starts. 21weeks now, have a good sleep tonight and ul hopefully b more energised in the morn x
  • hope you get a really good sleep tonight and feel more energised in the morning. take care. xxx
  • Hope you get a good nights sleep and feel better in the morning xxx
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