testing ticker


Oh poo we can't get it to work.

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  • i was trying to do this yesterday too! if you find out how, let us know!
  • Hi
    I am using a different web page for my ticker. There are 2 types of codes - HTML and PseudoHTML, UBBCode??????? or BBCode. I am using the second one - used on many message boards that don't allow HTML. I got my ticker from www.lilypie.com
    Once you create your ticker copy and paste the correct code into your message.
    I hope that helps!

  • Hi Misiu, do you need to paste it onot every post you make?
  • Hi Mel

    I think you have to paste the code every time. When you go to lilypie.com it remembers your code and the day of the cycle. You only need to sign in and it will bring your ticker straight away.
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