High Maintenance Girl.. lol

I get my nails done, hair coloured and cut monthly, eye brows, spray tans or sun beds, wax down below ect...

Haven't really kept it up since getting pregnant because was worried about dyes and fumes ect..

my tummy is really big tho and cant trim down stairs, thinking when i'm about 8 months ill go and get a full all over treatment of the the whole lots - I know I wont care when i'm in labour but thinking its a bit messy lol and could do with a tidy up! and thinking of the pictures although ill be shattered i think well have those for ever and it would be nice if i could look half decent in my first photos with my baby... lol this all sounds very vain but I like to feel good and ive stopped doing all these things since getting pregnant, as well as eating foods i like and drinking alcohol!

OH thinks I should treat myself (lol so do i) my friends are surprised as normally i by expencive make up perfume and clothes weekly - but havent even really got materinty bits since getting pregnant wearing OH's clothes as they fit better than my own...

any one else having simular thoughts of having a little spruse up of the selves closer to the time?? xx image :lol: image


  • Hiya hun!


    I hadn't died my hair for my whole pregnancy and just felt so crap the other day that I went to have some highlights and they have made me feel so much better!

    I think that a pedicure is a lovely idea. I had one a few days ago and it was great! Its nice to have my toenails painted again but it was lovely to have someone else do it as there is noway I can reach anymore!

    God knows how but I have managed to have a tidy up 'down there' as have been loosing sleep about having my sweep tomorrow. It wasn't easy but I feel so much more human!

    We sacrifice a lot for our pregnancies and put up with a lot so I think we definately deserve a few treats at the end!

    I'm wondering wether to buy some fake tan moisturiser for my face, as i'm sure any make up I would have started with will be off by the time my babys born with all the sweating (Eww!) and stuff so the tan moisuriser might just give me a bit of colour!!

    Definately go for it though hun,

    40+3 xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi
    I am going with my sister in law to have a pamper day around 8 months. I deserve it I think lol. I'm the same as you I wanna look good for the pics.
    Tracey 24wks
  • lol OH took off my toe nail varnish yest for me bless... he said it must be love! haha... yeah think i might book a whole day toes, nails, hair colour and cut & wax what ever else i can think of lol xx
  • i have stayed off my sunbed since i got pregnant. im so pasty and desperate to get back on it lol will wait till my babys born though. im still getting my roots done every 3 weeks though
  • and had your hair dresser said the dye is not a problem? id love to get my hair done... x
  • I have my acrylic nails done every 2 wks, this week am having my hair flashed with bright red and 2 weeks ago my bezzie mate (who is the nail technie) came round and gave me a full pedicure! It was absolute heaven and I am looking forward to many more lol

    Usually, by this time of year I am just starting on the sunbeds and I am really feeling pasty! I did try one of those St Tropez ones last year but it was crap - dunno if it was just who I used but it was really patchy! Am a bit crap at putting my own on (orange knees and ankles lol) so any tips would be appreciated.

    Am also struggling with shaving down below lol Whenever I try I tend to end up near enough bald but dont think (with SPD) that will be able to have waxing nearer the time - HELP!!!!

    I have felt really shit for most of the pregnancy so when little treats like these happen - it really is a massive boost and I wish pedicures were available on the NHS for pregnant women lol
  • Hiya girls,

    You may need to check that it's ok to be waxed while pregnant as I studied beauty therapy for 2 years and we weren't allowed to wax pregnant women??? Maybe it was just a college thing though.

    To get a really even tan when D.I.Y make sure you exfoliate really well before hand, especially knees and elboes and don't rub it in lines, go round in circles.

    Hope this helps a bit,

  • and had your hair dresser said the dye is not a problem? id love to get my hair done... x

    i've read in a few baby magazines that hair dye is safe. i think some people choose to avoid it completly and some dont. i havent smoked or touched a drop of alcohol but i'll be damned if im gonna have big black roots pmslimage
  • I dyed my hair after 12 weeks and the dye took really well and has stuck and not faded which I am quite pleased about.
    I'm a nail techie but can only do one of my hands lol.

    dh is paying for me to get my hair done on my birthday, I only really like getting it done because of the head massage they give you when they wash your hair, it's so nice and I practically fall in love with whoever is doing it lol

  • Hya im training as a hairdresser and been told its fine to colour hair and in all my books its says its ok i still have mine done every month x


  • oh girls lol now i feel like i was missing out.. haha think might get colours done this week end! be good to know about waxing down below lol it must be messy OH offered to do it on my behalf lol haha I was like Eerr... no i'll go to a shop thanks! lol
  • Ooh, pampering...sounds good to me!! I usually do hand/toe-nails myself, but just can't be arsed/reach!!
    Am still undecided on the waxing situation...can usually stand the pain ok (have the lot off, sorry if tmi) but not sure if i can whilst pregnant. Does anyone know if you can use Veet for "whole area"?
    Sarah xx
  • Hi girls, I have been getting my bikini line waxed for years now and not going to let being pregnant stop me, can't think of anything worse!!! Mind you my mum thinks I am mad as I can't see down there anymore. But won't let my oh see it all messy! My mate that does my waxing and my mum have both said its perfectly fine to be waxed whilst pregnant!!! Only downside is a have found that it hurts more now then it ever did before.......things we do to be beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    Tammi 24+2
  • so its pretty safe just hurts more? god prob will really hurt as havent done it in 4 months lol how bad is that... i was so worried at the begining now didnt want to take ANY risks but seen baby twice and he is strong and healthy x
  • Put it this way last time I got mine done a called Lisa a fucking bitch! Luckly she saw the funny side! Before I got pregnant it was uncomfortable but won't have said it hurt. Now I dread going every month, but if I shave (which will be impossible at the moment as can't see anything) I find I come out in little spots. So must continue with the wax, will be going every two weeks in the last month I think just so I don't get caught out!
  • i have my roots done every 3 weeks my husbands mum is a hair dresser and she she does it for me she said its fine in pregnancy i also asked midwife said its fine, the only thing they say about hair dye is that it sometimes doesn't take well when ur pg. xx
  • Ooo this week end i'm going to look fab lol! getting EVERYTHING done haha xx
  • I have also been told something about waxing when PG especially the bikini line however my friend had hers done the week before her due date so who knows!
    I have been having my hair dyed the whole way through pregnancy- the lighter colour didn't take & my hair was in terrible condition so my hairdresser put in a darker colour & conditioning treatment which made it look so much better.
    It's my birthday on saturday & after having a scare on friday at my scan (measuring small for dates post) i've decided to have a pampering day on saturday- as you say it_must_be_love we give up the things we enjoy when pg so why not treat ourselves once in a while!

    Lauren (35+1) xo
  • Ohhh I love that ive got girls starting to think about treating them selves too! I think we deserve it! and other half is adiment I should as ive had or done nothing nice - for fear of! but this weekend i'll be tottering around like a glamour kitten again just the way i like it lol! xx
  • hey i have also studied hair and beauty since i left school and is more advisable to colour your hair all over after 12 weeks but i waited till 20 weeks scan so i knew things were ok with lo.
    highlights are fine whatever stage as no dye goes on the scalp.
    beauty treatments are fine to waxing does hurt more as your blood vessles are higher to the skin and you will prob get erythema(redness) to the skin. it will hurt more to as the vessles are closer to skin but not all thereapists will do it so make sure you let them know your pg when you book.

    i do throughly recommend a massage though! i had a back scalp and neck massage combined with a facial as my skin is soooooo dry at the moment and cos of bump did have to lay on my side for back massage but sooo worth it all my aches and pain dissapeared
    booked in for a pedicure on w/e and cannot wait
    hope this helps! xx
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