Hello eveyone!!!!!!!!

Hi My Name is Bianca and I am 26 weeks pregnant and 5 days pregnant... I am enjoying my pregnancy.. I have been suffering alot from Acid Indgestion it hurts so bad.... Does any body else get the samr thing as I do.... And what do you guys do for it,,, Buy the way Its my first little one to,,, We are very excited:\)


  • hi and welcome.
    this is my first little one, we are 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant. and we are expecting a little girl and are really excited to.
  • Hi & welcome.
    The best thing for the acid is gaviscon.
    ask your mw or GP for it image xxx
  • Yeah my doctor said for me to take Tums, Pepcid Ac, Zantac... But other than that I am great... I love my little one to death..... His name is Anthony Jacob.....
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