booking in appointment

eya, am having my booking in appointment on thur.

I'm one of those people that has no questions though then thinks of a million as soon as it's too late.

could anyone give me any ideas what to expect and some questions I may need to ask?

thank you


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  • I had mine yesterday, it went on forever!
    All family history stuff, took a pint of blood etc!!!!!
    I asked about taking something for headaches as i suffer with them but other than that I didn't ask much. I'm sure like you i'll think of things I should have asked but also had scan and was so relieved to see lo i just wanted to leave to show everyone my pictures!!!!
    Hope it goes well!
    Claire x
  • Ask about local hospitals to you to see which ones have the facilities you want (water birth, home from home suites etc) but other than that she will ask your life history so you wont have much to ask.

    Good luck with it Steph and I hope you have a happy pregnancy!
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