Anyone else had GD in a previous pregnancy + not in others?

In my last pregnancy, with my son, i had GD for the last few weeks of pregnancy and was induced a day early because of his size (9LB 7oz) i also had a 3rd degree tear becasue of his size. Today i had my last glucose tolerance test and it was normal (thank god!) but now im worried....
Everytime ive been to see the consultant at the hospital they said i will be induced either on the day or before my due date. But now im worried becasue the test was normal, will they leave me to go into labour alone or will they still induce me becasue of the size of my son? They also said that babies go up in weight but i know that every pregnancy is different and when my mum had us (4 kids) we all went down in weight. I dont see the consultant again until Tuesday but im worried now incase they leave me and i end up in a worse mess than what i was with after i had my son :\?
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