Hey everyone just thought i would update ya all as i had my consultant today. He isnt gonna risk letting me go any further (im 35wks 2days) with my OC as its got so bad and has booked me in to be started off tomorrow night at 6pm. Had one lot of steroids (which bloody hurt my i add!) at 12noon and we have to go round to our local birth centre tonight at 12 to have the next one and they home and wait for tomo night to come.
I am so scared!
Has anyone else been induced this early before, was induced with my daughter last january at 37wks 2days, they broke my waters but still had a 18hr labour and she came out 7lb 1oz. Do you reckon it will be the same or slower because ive got 5wks left, or even faster? Also i had a scan on sunday and they said they thought the baby was about 3 1/2-4lbs, any idea what a baby 5wks early usually weighs, i mean is it worth us getting small baby clothes as all i have im my hospital bag is newborn stuff. Got i have so much to organise but bet tomo will still really drag.


  • I dont have any advice for you, but just wanted to wish you luck for tommorrow, you get to meet your baby soon!!! Let us know how you get on xxx
  • Hey hun,

    Best wishes for tomorrow. I'm sorry I don't have any advice but let us know how you get on.

    Lots of love. xx
  • hi gd look 4 2 moz i was induced nealy 5 weeks early with my dd. and she was fine weighed 6lb 7oz so gd weight. i no the steroids hurt more thn anything my leg went dead 4 ages lol.. hope all goes well for 2 moz nite xxx
  • Good luck hun, must be a bit of a relief. if you can get any tiny baby clothes then i would as i only had new born with my daughter and she was 7lb3 and they were a bit big for her, ever baby if different but if you can get some then i would just incase, maybe one or two outfits.
    Good luck again, cant wait to hear how it all goes.

  • thanks guys, had my second steroid injection now, ouch but good for baby i know. Just gotta wait til 6pm tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be such a long day!!!!
  • Good luck Becky xx
  • good luck, hope everything goes well,

    aileen xx
  • Just a quickie, does anyone know if its usually faster with your third child or because im being induced again will it slow it all down again, my daughter who is only a year old was induced at 37wks and had an 18hr labour !
  • Just wanted to say good luck hun-hope all goes well. Lisa 14+6 x
  • Good luck tonight Becky! x
  • Good Luck for later Becky xx
  • Awww honey thats really good news! I'm glad your hospital have finally pulled their finger out and it'll all be over for you soon! Re tiny baby clothes, my lo was 4lb 11 when he was born, we had a couple of preemie outfits but we got away with newborn, just had to roll up the sleeves! You might find your labour is quite quick, as you only did it a year ago hopefully your body will remember what to do, it might just be getting the labour started that takes some time as baby isnt quite ready yet.
    Good luck with everything, looking forward to hearing all about it in a few days time! xxxxx
  • Good luck, what a relief for you! I think NCT can loan tiny clothes, remember reading it somewhere. Might be better than buying stuff you might not need. Will be thinking of you.

    Clare 37+2
  • hi agen i fink it all depends on the person i was induced with my 1st and was only in labour 3 1/2 hours or 4 hours cant really rememember but that was from my waters bein broke and her comin out.. gd luck x
  • hi i was induced at 34 weeks and was in labour for about 12 hours. my son was 4lb 2oz. good luck i hope every thing goes well..
  • Aw thank you all. Going to nip into asda and pick up a few early baby grows just in case but nothing more as like youve said could come out a six pounder. Am so tired (got only two hours sleep in the last 48hours) and so scared and relieved that my suffering is nearly over dont think i will be able to sleep any more. Going to grab all the bits i need for the baby, get my bag packed etc and then try and get some rest at about 2pm and try and sleep but hands and feet are itching like crazy. Thanks for all your support, you have got me through this really difficult tiring time and i just hope all you other itchy moms can get the same treatment as the last 10 days have been nearly the worse of my life, just hoping the itching will go straight after, it did with my youngest so fingers crossed, plus going to get the epidural in as soon as im started as they i wont be able to feel my itchy feet lol plus got SPD so cant even imagine how much pain im going to be in, think im going to have to have gas and air just for the internals lol. Will let you know when little finley is here x take care everyone x
    p.s. even more happier now as just got my sure start maternity grant through, yey image
  • Good Luck!! Hope all goes well for you
    Ames x
  • good luck hun, I hope all goes well for you! Look forward to seeing pics and hearing all about it soon

    Take care and get some rest x x x
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