bitch midwife and midwife support

I went for my 16 week check and when i got there i realised that i knew the midwifes support worker from a previous job and she is also a frined of a friend. i said i didnt want her in the room (politely) and the midwife nearly bit my head off. she said the support would have to take my blood. i said no and anyway id already done all the blood thing. plus i thought these supports were only supposed to do clerical stuff and leave the medical care to the actual midwife. the midwife said she thought i was "STRANGE" as she thought it would be nice to have someone i know looking after me! she was short sharp ans shitty all the way through my apt. when i tcame to the heartbeat she said are you bothered about listening to the heartbeat today? DUH of course i fucking am! i got on the bed she pressed hard on the doppler said thats your babys heartbeat and removed it a split second later. I then asked if i would be getting a named midwife and she no that didnt happen in my area so i said thank god cos i wouldnt want you again. she said she had enough fussy patients as it was. honestly when i left the room as the support was coming back in i felt awful my ears were burning like hell all the way home! :x
if she comes in during labour i may strangle hair with the gas n air pipe, does anyone know my rights in regards to not being treated by someone you know personally?


  • you can see how mad i am cos ive just reread my post and im cringing at all the grammatical and spelling mistakes. the support worker is actually a lovely person its not the point though, its my body i should have some say at who pokes and prods it.
  • How bloody rude! I think i would of kicked her arse before i left! I would put in a complant with the surgery and demand they change your midwife!

  • I'm sure you can say your intitled to your confidental information to be kept private however as you know this person it compromises that and its effectting your care. xxx
  • That is disgusting i wud definately put in a complaint about that midwife, u have every right to request the support not to be in there, and regarding her comment about "fussy patients", you have every right!!! Wat a bitch I no mw are stretch to the limit at the minute but for good sakes show a lil compassion to us pregnant women. If i wer u i wud defo take it further, she had no right to treat u like that. Lets hope ur next appt goes better. Kerry xxx

  • what a cow! i would def put a complaint in! these people are supposed to be there to make you feel relaxed and put your needs first! not act like a complete bitch towards you.
    i dont think its a strange request at all, i wouldnt want someone i know attending me either hun!
    its good that you get someone dif next time at least!
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