:?Hi all im 36+5 and i think i have just had a show. Im booked in for a section on Monday but i am hoping and praying that I go natural before as its my thhird and final pregnancy and have never had a natural. Im not sure what I should do. Should i ring midwife and tell her or just leave things for now and see if anything further happens. I sooooooo want a natural birth. The reasons for my previous sections where failed induction and concern over small babys but noth where fine.I have been monitored closely and there are no concerns over the size of this baby so dont know why i am being forced to have a section anyway. So confused and starting to painc now because dont want to ring midwife and be told to go straight in and then be taled into having a section early!!!
Some advice please ladies. Does a show mean birth is imminent?????


  • What did it look like? I lost my plug over the weekend and it was like a big blob of mucus with pinky blood in it.
  • call ur midwife jus 2 check hun x good luck
  • It was a mucas slimy blob clear in colour with a slight pinkish streak in it ( sorry ladies a bit tmi)
  • wait it out, see if contractions start, if they do try and go with it. it might be days yet, although I've only had shows the same day as labour starts.

    You should not be made to have a section if there is no reason. I know there can be concerns over scan tissue, but I'm sure they would have said if that was the case, how long ago was your last section? if they are too close it can be a greater risk.
  • Sometimes it can be a couple of weeks til you go into labour after a show but I had a show this time just before I started pushing my baby out- it just looked like blood but I didn't look closely as baby Evie was on her way out!

    Good luck, hope you get the birth you want.

  • Hiya Lisa, they have goven no reason apart from after 2 previous sections it would be risky to allow a natural. They said the only way i would be allowed is if when i arrived at hospital i was already 8cm dilated. No scar tissue been mentioned and my last section will be 3 years ago on 14th June
  • I had my show 12 days before going into actual labour.......so may not be a strong enough sign.........Good Luck though and I hope all goes well.
  • Im really praying that this is the start of something happening. My best friend who was due 29th of June had twin girls yesterday and its making me soooo impatient.
  • sounds like a show to me but I hate to burst your bubble hun, it doesnt always mean labour is on the way. I lost my plug a few days before I was induced with my daughter and nothing happened still!
  • one of the baby mags had an article about VBAC, can't remember which one it was now, might even still be in the shops.

    they said if they were too close it could be more of a risk, but I'm sure that was under 18months.

    wait and see, if you do go into labour hold out as long as you can BUT OVER ALL YOURS AND THE BABY'S HEALTH ARE THE IMPORTANT THING. when it does start, just do what your body is telling you BUT DON'T PUT YOURSELF AT RISK.

    good luck!!
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