Induction on Fri - any advice?

I just wondered if anyone had any last minute advice for me. I'll be getting induced on Friday.

Anything at all that I should take or avoid doing while in hospital?? Thanks Ladies xxx


  • Take a good book! Definite must for being induced xxx
  • oh yeah i book or somthing to keep you busy and just relax good luck xxjojoxx
  • Oh how excited you must be Yummy Mummy, get a puzzle book or something to keep you occupied or a book.

    good luck x

    Joanna 33+1
  • Take a book and something for your OH to do. Lucozade energy tablets are good for keeping your energy up. Good luck hun, will be thinking of you!
  • Take a good book and your ipod, plenty of drinks and something to eat for you and OH.

    Good luck xxx

  • I did all the above, book, puzzle books, ipod you name it but i just couldnt do any of them cause i was too excited! I ended up just watching 60 minute makeover and all the other fab day time tele in the communal lounge. Good luck!!
  • lol - that's the thing i'm afraid of: Oh get's bored really easily! I'll have to tell him to stock up on men's magazines & we might take a portable DVD player.

    All I need now is for someone to have this baby for me lol!!

  • ear plugs! there is always someone very near you who snores terribly, and you need all the sleep you can get before the baby comes!
    oh and a cattle prob / fly swat / fishing rod to poke her when she starts! lol!!

    plenty of snacks for both of you - hospital food isnt the best!
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