stomach bugs in pregnancy?

Hi everyone
well I fell really really ill on tuesday night, I dont think I've ever been so sick in my life! I was up until 6am throwing up every hour and then all of yesterday I just felt really weak. Feeling a little bit better today but I havent felt the baby move since tuesday and I'm just really worried. My stomach and ribs are aching from retching so much (sorry tmi) but I have really bad period type pains too. Has anyone else had anything like this? Also, last night my boobs started leaking and I thought that didnt happen until much later on? I'm 19 weeks.


  • Oh hun my pregnancys are not compleate without the obligitory stomach bug of doom, i've had a horrendous one during each of my pregnancys i think being pregnant is part an parcel of why they feel so much worse than normal. baby will be tired from all the jiggleing about while you were being sick and weak from not having much food. If your really worried phone the midwife but it has happened to me before and babs has been fine.

  • Ive got one too, but Im not chucking up ......... it's the other end ive got the problem (sorry) Spoke to hospital Consultant about it on Tuesday and she didnt seem that bothered, said it was going around and you if you get it it could affect either end!! My hubbie had it last week and like you spent most of the time chucking up. Both of us finding that cant digest any food either and that it always seems to be stuck in our throats. If you really are worried call your midwife, Im sure she will be able to advise the best. Feel well soon X
  • Thanks for the replies girls. I've just got back from the midwife and she found baby's heartbeat straight away! She said baby has gone down really low and is exhausted from lack of calories and retching, bless it! She said the more I rest and eat then baby will come back up and start moving around.
  • good glad everythings okay and you can stop worrying and get better now XX
  • Hi Carly, glad you're feeling better and that baby is OK. Put your feet up and treat yourself to something really nice for tea. Suz x ps. Will email you for a chat soon.
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