can you help me match a name with our surname.... ;-)

hey everyone

this is my 1st post as stumbled across this lovely site after a bit of googling.

our little girl is due is 6 weeks and as yet dont have a name - arrggghhhh!!!

Baby will take my OH surname which is Lock. Plain and simple but I cant find any girls names to match that dont sound too harsh sounding if that makes sense?

We live in the North East and most popular name here, I have read is actually Olivia, so not keen on that as wouldnt mind something a little different

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated



  • hi and welcome to BE!

    right i have a few suggestions...


    hope this helps and good luck with everything

    ashy x
  • ah lovely, lots to think about! thansk for the quick replyimage xxxx
  • As the surname is short, I d prefer to go for a longer first name.

    Example: Madeline Lock (for me the longer first name softens up the shortness of the last name).

    I am all out for girls names atm, as having a pregnancy brain moment, cant think of any lol!

    Our girl is due in October and we have 4 names shortlisted: Matilda, Hanna, Elda and Kleo.

    Good luck with finiding something that fits!
  • I think longer names sound best too.

    I love Evelyn (Evie) Lock. Think that sounds lovely.

    Also maybe Amelia or Rosalie (Rose-a-lee). Love Rosalie but hubby vetoed it : (

    Holly Lock sounds lovely too. Or Molly?

    Just realised they all have 'L' 's in!! Think it softens the surname.


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  • oh they all sound really pretty - will show OH these all tonight and hopefully get a few short listed! xxxx
  • hope noone on here actually knows me because I know a few girls girls with this surname. as I am used to the names together I obviously think they go nicely with the surname;
    I also think that flower names or ultra feminine names help soften it abit
  • Our girls name if we have one (yellow bump) is Charlotte, that goes quite nicely with Lock. Agree with some of the other girls that longer names may go better with such a short surname.

    Good luck with your baby, you must be due shortly after me and I am also a north easterner!

    Liz x
  • Elizabeth Lock sounds quite nice :\)
  • All of those sound lovely, i know of girl called amelia wink, and i think that sounds a bit like lock so a good match.

    Charlotte lock sounds really nice too..

    Good luck

    Gem x

  • thanks for all the replies - definately thinking longer name is way forward.....who would have thought would be so hard! dont even want to think about middle names image xxxx
  • i think i have to agree on the double-barrell,

    i think holly lock said at speed sounds like the flower holliock. i think kara lock could have a car lock associated nickname. i would avoid any first names with an L in too as the L in lock is really prominent.

    when i came up with all my lo's names i made a point of writing them down (well did this after the first one as i loved her name until i saw written on the birth certificate), i also think of potential mocks, coz kids can be so cruel. i also have to repeat the name several times and hear others say it, because it may sound right in your head but then not sound right when others say it, my girls are Jordanna lily (thats the one i didn't like in writing) and skye florence (that took a bit of getting used to though, hubbys pick), boys names i can go on and on, girls names are quite hard. xxxxx
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