what is a sweep exactly??

sorry i probably sound really dumb and with me being on number 4 you'd think i would know oput i dont have a clue??? what do they do???? thanks girls xx


  • i thought exactly the same thing!
    look at this website it will answer your questions!
  • hi there. a sweep is whe the mw will insert 2 fingers into your birth passage and sweep her fingers around the outer edge of your cervix to try and move the membranes surrounding baby away from your cervix to hopefully help move things along. this can sometimes cause bleeding and cramps and sometimes lead to labour. hope this helps.xx

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  • Hey
    Sounds lovely eh? This is prob a REALLY daft question... But can our oh/hubby not do this too if theyre shown how to do it? lol Wouldnt be as embarassing lol x
    Sharon x

  • having a sweep is probably one of the least embarrassing things about the whole experience...it gets so much worse lol! x


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