Flying when pregnant?

i was just wondering if anyone had or is planning to fly in late pregnancy?
I really wanted to go on holiday as we sold our house and said we'd use a bit of money to have our first and last family holiday abroad.
We could only get the last week in June off so thats when we're off to Bulgaria - I'm expecting on 5th of September so I'll be about 32 weeks.
I know i'll have to get a doctors note but I'll be so gutted if we can't go!
So looking forward to it our lo will be 13 months and hopefully walking n he loves swimming already I think he'll love the sea


  • u have to ask the airline if they will alow u to...
    good luck image
  • I would def check with the airline and also book yourself an appointment with your mw just before so that she can chack you over and ensure everything is ok. Also don't forget to tell you insurance company how far gone you are or they may not cover you. And don't forget to take your notes with you too just in case! Tammi xxx

  • Hiya I will be flyin when i am 34 weeks and mw doesn't have a prob with it. Jst make sure u check with the airline cos i no there r sum that don't let u travel after 28 weeks even with a docs note, thinks thats more long haul tho. Also check with the insurance cos i have heard that sum don't cover after 32 weeks. Enjoy ur holiday!
  • Thanks I'll need to get on the case in do some checking
    fingers crossed! image
  • Im sure if u can get a letter off ur gp or mw saying that u are fit to fly then u shud be allowed. I know many airlines will not let u fly after 28wks tho, i had to re-arrange my holiday wen i was pregnant with my first because of this. Even with a doctors note they wud not let me. So i guess its a case of finding out where u stand with the airline and ur travel insurance. Kerry xxx

  • Hi babe i flew at 25 weeks and 27weeks, and i was completely fine. They do say if your very big its a good idea to have a doc's letter or they can refuse to let you fly, but i was small so they didnt even realize. Oh and my LO seemed to love it, it was the first time he id a 360' flip and he hasn't stop since. sarah 28weeks xxx
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