packed hospital bag,am i missing anything?

swiss ball

nightdress,underwear inc dispossable, mat pads,slippers,socks,bathrobe, face wash,moisteriser, toothbrush,paste,shower gel,lotion,razor,mini shampo/conditoner, lip balm,flannel.towel,hairbrush,headband,

breastpads,nursing bras,nipple cream,mat jeans,top,jog bottoms,top.

nappies,4x bodysuits,vests,socks,,socks,mitts,2x booties,a hat,snow suit,blanket, cotton wool,nappy cream


  • i was told dont use babywipes under a few weeks old, just cotton wool and boiled water so i havent packed those....i will add mags though,although hubbie and mum will be with me all time i think.
  • Have never heard that about the wipes!

    Batteries for camera or charger if needed
    Socks for you
    Perfume to freshen yourself up a little
    How about t-bags, the hospital tea sucks!

    Can't think of anything else lol

    Hope you think of everything

  • Paracetamol cos nurses never give you anyway!!

    Food. You'll be starving.

  • mrskc i've always been told its best just to stick to cotton wool and water for first few weeks too.

    -how about some filp flops? (for in the showers?)
    -apparantly something like those 'kandoo' wipes is supposed to much kinda down there than toilet roll if ur feeling sore.
    -muslin cloths
    -nappy sacks
    -spare t shirt/underwear for OH (if its a long one he may want to freshen up at some point)
    - snacks (cereal bars etc to keep up both urs and OHs energy levels)

    also if ur bottle feeding some hospitals don't suply you with milk and bottles so best to check with them first what they have, same goes for nappies and breast pads etc some places are really good and supply everything so u don't have to worry but others give u nothing. and again for the swiss ball, u might find u don't need to take urs and that they'll have one u can use on site.

    xx 28+2
  • i was told they do supply swiss ball but cant gaurentee available on the day if all in use, so i thought take mine just in case.
    i will add food,cereal bars ect.
  • added nappy sacks too
  • Oh my god, I think i'll take a suitcase!!! Thanks ladies, there is so much I've forgotten to include, think I'll start again!!
    Have a great christmas everyone
  • It all depends on the hospital. I packed loads but the hospital gave me LOADS of maternity pads and nappies, cotton wool, wipes, towels, blankets for baby etc so I was very lucky!

    I would say definitely pack some soft bibs and muslin cloths as these come in handy for feeds xx
  • I didn't know that about bum wipes! I thought the pampers sensitive were fine! Good job you girls are here!
  • yeah i havent packed paracetamol as i no from being a inpatient they want let you unless they perscribe it. i will add muslin clothes too.,
  • Hi

    Chocolate .. and definitely pack the flip flops - shower and toilet floors are gross and its nice just to be able to bin them on the way out

    Good luck - hope you have the chance to read the mags! x
  • im just going to go through mine in a few mins as i am close to my due date and havnt got it ready aaarrrrgggghhh!!!
  • A few things i was advised to take that i dont think you had on list ....

    A fan to keep you cool (battery powered) as wards are kept at 37celsius (body temp)
    A small pot of honey - great for a much needed sugar boost when you need to push baby out!
    Antibacterial spray/gel

    Re wipes - ive packed botton wool and a trial pack of sensitive wipes. Some people i know used wipes (which are meant to be same as water and cotton wool now) and others stuck to cotton wool.

    ooh and some vaseline - i was advised to put it on babys bum when you or OH does 1st nappy because its easier to wipe the 1st gooey meconian poo when they do it.

    Erm and defo socks cos some women get very cold feet during labour for some reason.

    I taking a small labour bag and then a big hosp bag which will stay in car til iv had baby and am transfered to ward. Saves lugging it about and labour bag will have everything i need during labour and babys 1st outfit etc. Anything else will be for after labour (ie more baby clothes, toiletries for me etc etc).
  • I just found this site

    Its a pre packed bag that you can buy but it has a list of what it includes and I thought it was quite helpful. Suggests a pack of polo's which is always nice and makes your breath feel nice and fresh!
  • i would defo pack something for heartburn!!! They are very tight with heartburn stuff and offer milk.
    I was very sick after labour last time and had really bad heartburn and she said no i could have milk and it made me even sicker it would have been fine if i hadnt have been sick!! sorry thats tmi.
    Just done mine and i think i need to pack some cartons of juice and some snacks and my make up and hairbrush and my hairband if i can find it!!!
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