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OK I have spaniels and they need a decent walk every day! But my bump hurts when I walk them, about half the time. It's horrible. It feels all tight and crampy, kind of like a stitch BUT definitely not a stitch cos it lasts longer and doesn't feel so 'twingy', more achy. It's fine just walking about the house but if I go on a long walk it can get quite painful. Am I overdoing it? It's about a 45 minute walk over lots of different terrain but not exactly hiking up mount everest lol. This happened to any other dog owners??
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  • i got that when i went xmas shopping with nan... i was in excruciating pain as we'd been walking for hours! and i was in pain for rest of day and night! i put it down to over doing it.don't have a dog thank god as i wouldn't be able to cope lol i struggle car bootying and i'm only 14weeks lol
  • I don't have dogs and I definately don't do much walking (much to my shame) but I have experienced a stitch like pain every now and again when I am doing anything slightly active and sometimes just when I stand up from sitting.

    I have had this for most of my pregnancy and have just put it down to the baby touching or lying on a nerve- it is quite a sharp pain but I just ignore it till it goes away. I am 37 weeks
  • Sounds like ligament pain. I get it when walking too. It usually eases off eventually. Just take your time and don't let the dogs pull you about.
  • i have a springer spaniel so i have to give my dog lots of long walks everyday. if anyone knows springers they are hipo dogs so she dusnt walk she pulls, she gets to exited lol, and i get the same pains you are doctor told me to mabie get someone else to walk the dog so now have started walking her once a day for 20 mins and then boyfriend walks her for longer walks in the day, that has helped a bit, and it tends to go after i have sat down for 5mins. it dus feel like a stitch tho dusnt it. xx

  • Ive had this with my last two pregnancys, its your muscles. Try wearing a maternity support belt when your out and about it helps, also try not to walk too fast as this makes it worse. x
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