Clary Sage Oil?

I know its been mentioned a few times on the forum!
How effective is it at bring on labour?
Im currently 36+3, so am not going to use it just yet!
But i really dont want to go over& i want to know of ways to help induce labour x x


  • Aimz i'm really wanting to use it. as i;m getting soooo impatient now. I'm going to ask my mw tomorrow if its ok to use ( i know loads of ladies on here have used it, but when i went to buy it the herbal shop refused to sell it to me)

    Hope she says i can use it as i'm 37wks now- and then i can reply saying YES IT WORKS!
  • Ooo, let us know what your mw says imageimage
    My oh went and brought me some yesterday, he is so impatient.

    Iv said that if i am going to use it im going to wait until nxt weekend image
    But im just so wary.
    X x
  • Aw sarah.
    Have you had a sweep or anything?
    The essential oils are so expensive. I think mine was??8, i was shocked when my oh brought it because his usually so tightimage
    X x
  • I'm seeing mw at 2pm so i'll have some info for you then Aimz.

  • Hi gemma.
    Ooo fantastic
  • Ooo,
    Thankyou waterbaby
  • Its not worked for me (either in he bath or massaged on bump! However its great in the bath for relaxing and taking off my back ache!
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