advice pls any diabetics not pg related

hi everyone
just wanted a bit of advice pls sorry not pg related but my partner is diabetic and i have just had a stomach bug so no doubt he will catch it as they tend to get passed on, anyway hes not been diagnosed that long and i just wondered what to do if he does get this bug do i ring the doctors straight away or take him to hospital or something as im assuming it will make him hypo?

any advice will really help

many thanks



  • well unless hes having real problems with his blood sugars theres no need to take him to drs or hospital. He may have to recheck his sugars more often and follow "sick day rules", he'll know what they are.
    Some people go hypo with illness others can go high its a mystery sometimes. If he does have a bad hypo then yes he may need to go to hospital, but try and relax hes prob done this many times before. if not then get some advice. Just remind him to keep checking his sugars(its a pain) and he should be fine.
    Hope this helps, had diabetes for last 10 years so if you need more help
    Filo x
  • thanks filobabe he hasn't had a stomach bug since being diagnosed so its all abit new to us both but i suppose its upto him to know hwat to do and how he feels at the time

    thank for the advice xxxx
  • Just make sure he is getting plenty of fluids which you could add glucose to if he is going low. My dh is diabetic also has been for 16+ years
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