perineal massage - does it make a difference?

Hi everyone, this is something i've only really just come across and wondered if it helps and if any of you can offer any more info / advice on this? thanks. xx


  • My friend would strongly recommend doing this! She said it stopped her from tearing so i am giving it a go. Have to be honest, don't do it yourself....get your partner to do it...feels rather niceimage
  • there was a post on this the other day and all the ladies said it was really worth doing, but they did also say that u shld not start doing them until ur 34 weeks at least, i don't know why but this probably means doing them at 14 weeks isn't a great idea


  • i have also heard that putting baby oil in your bath helps soften the skin i used bio oil last time and i didnt tear at all!!
  • I don't think an individual will ever really know, as you can't compare if you get me. You can't go through it again exactly the same, only once with doing it and once without. But I think it can't hurt to try. I did it with my dd, she was 8.3 and I didnt tear. So I'll be doing it this time round to. for me its important to know I've done what I can. I'd recommend it anyway x x
  • Hi, don't know if it works or not but I did it with both mine and had no tearing/stitches so i'll be doing it this time too.

    h x
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