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Does anyone know when I should get this? It says in my magazine (!) I should get it at 20 weeks from midwife or doctor, but I'm not seeing my midwife again until 25 weeks (last appointment was 16 weeks). That will be too late to give it to work at the same time as my 'official' pregnancy letter and wanted to get it all done at the same time. Can I just ring up and ask to collect it, does anyone know?
M x


  • i didn't get it til quite late and then she filled it out wrong so i had to get another one, i think i finally got it in at 28 weeks! x
  • Manicmiz - I have not visited any forums for months! I am so happy to see that you are 18 weeks pregnant. Congratulations hunny!
  • hi, my work have to have it by the time your 25 weeks and i'm not due to see my mw till 23rd december when i'll be nearly 26 weeks, i phoned my mw and explained and she just left it for me to collect at my gp surgery, normally work would ave allowed me a bit longer to get it to them but i didn't want to risk waiting till after xmas and new year
  • Thanks for all the replies - I will try and see if I can collect it earlier I think as easier to get everything sorted with work at the same time. Misiu - only just started posting - didn't want to jinx things as it's been a long journey getting here but I finally feel like it's actually happening! x

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