What pregnancy book would you suggest?

Just wondering what book you are using or have used to get you through your pregnancy.

I'm a first time mum wanting to invest a decent book to help me through it!!!


  • Ive got Conception, pregnancy and birth by dr mirriam stoppard - its got everything in it that you need to know



  • I bought 'The Pregnancy Bible' which is really comprehansive and shows pics of every week of your growing baby which is great!

    I also bought 'Best Friend Guide to PRegnancy' which is very humourous and will make you laugh out loud.

    Both very different books and very good.

    NIblett xxx
  • I cant remember what mine is called but it is by Dr Lesley Regan. She is a top British consultant in fertility, conception and birth xxxx
  • yes i have the book by lesley regan, she is a professor of obs and gynecology at st marys hospital, the book is called "your pregnancy week by week" its a great book, costs ??18.99
  • Hi, I also have the aforementioned pregnancy bible which is really good. I bought hubby "You're pregnant too mate" which he has really enjoyed reading - amusing but factual.


  • Oh yes, for my hubby I bought 'From Here to Paternity'. It is a day by day diary of a man whose wife is pregnant. It is very informative, amusing and very moving at time and he really loved it! He says he will be referring to it as I get more pregnant!

    Niblett xxxxx
  • Myleene Klass' pregnancy diary is alright, Bonding With Your Bump by Dr Miriam Stoppard is lovely. I'd say def check out some at the library before investing.
    Ames x
    13 wks
  • Gatecrashing from baby but saw it on the home page, i had what to expect when ur expectin (can't remember who its buy) was fantastic book had the answers to so many questions i had, and had different chapters on eac month which at the beginning gave an idea of what may happen during that month. Got it off ebay 4 3 quid!
    Good luck with ur pregnancy!
  • I have Kaz Cooke's "The Rough Guide to Pregnancy & Birth" (known in Australia as "Up the Duff") - it is a very funny book, written as a diary of her pregnancy and then with all the relevant facts for the corresponding weeks. I felt between the book, magazines and the internet, I had more than enough info! Oh, and library books as well.

    Bought hubby "From here to Paternity" as well, but he hasn't got around to reading it yet! I have, and think he will enjoy it.

    Hope that helps, good luck xx
  • I have the dummys guide to pregnancy, really easy to read, explains techie terms and is set out really well. Great to pick up when your not quite sure whats going on (with dif symptoms) and helps put your mind at rest.

    Also read Jools oliver book and yummy mummy book
  • I got a few but most of them were left gathering dust in favour of the Lesley Regan Pregnancy week by week book. It tells you about what to expect regarding your body, emotions, as well as the baby- has been consulted so many times and really put my mind at ease
  • Thanks for all your replies...will check some out before I buy xxx
  • i have about 20 pregnancy books and the best ones are the week by week and the pregnancy bible the rest are gather dust!
  • My top pick is out of the normal: Pregnancy Poems Collection by Syllabus Onajobi

    It's acclaimed the world's largest collection of poems about pregnancy. You need to read the book, whether you love poetry or not, you would like the pregnancy side of it, when you read Pregnancy Poems Collection.



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