newly preg mums

im pregnant n the docs have just confirmed it! image im so happy and i just wanna tell every 1! but oh said i have 2 wait image its gunna b so frustraitin waitin until im 12weeks till i can have a scan !!!! is ther any other newly preg mums out there????


  • Congratulation enjoy your pregnancy is it your first?
  • It's totally up to you if you want to wait or not but I do think you'll need to get OH on board first! There's plenty of time to tell people and it's nice to have a scan pic to show people when you reveal your big news. I only told my mum and dad and my OH's mum and dad right away. It was nice to tell someone but still keep is secret for a while.
  • yeah it is my first im so so excited image wen the doc told me i was so so happy n i was shakin!
  • ive told my best mate and my mum n dad n work ! i just feel like shoutin it lol
  • I'm actually 16 weeks but congratulations! I dunno how people wait til 12 wks I told everyone as soon as i knew I tried not to but couldnt help myself lol x x x
  • i found out last tues, and its killing me keeping the good news to ourselves, only told immediate family so far.
    i am so excited and nervous at the same time, it is our first as well.
    does it feel real to you yet?
  • everyone seems to think I should not! I have told Mum and brother and best mate but thats all...

    My hubby says we should wait as does everyone I have told. My mum did misscarry once and she said it was terrible when everyone kept asking, so I can see why she is teling me to wait..


    I might wait till 1st scan at 8 weeks.. if i can pursude hubby!

    I think both options is fine
  • no it doesnt feel real 2 me yet either! i feel sick got heart burn n lower bk pain!
  • I told family over the weekend.I know I'm only 6+ weeks but I've known for 2 weeks.Had to tell my kids yesterday as they were worried "mum was being so sick"! They are very excited and most of family is pleased.Won't be getting a scan till 5th Dec!
  • I am too nervous to tell anyone - keep reading that an early postive test does not necessarily mean that the fertilised egg has reached the right place and can still appear as a late period so is not counted as a miscarriage! How long should you wait before you can be confident that you are pregnant - I have gone from so excited to worried about having got carried away!

    Dr tomorrow - will they confirm the pregnancy straight away - how do they do the test? Or will I have to wait for the test results?

    Congrats to all on positve results and sorry for being the pesimist but its taken me so long & now I am soooooooo nervous! (but excited too) fingers crossed & baby dust to all x
  • hi all my doc never confirmed mine he just took my word for it i have told immediate family only as im having pains so bit worried i might miscarry
    but the wait for 12 week scan is gonna be soo long

  • ive had a false possotive b4 and i was so gutted then i had mmc in summer, i did home test which was poss but didnt wanna take that as certain so waited till got confirmation off the docs b4 i got really excited image
  • I have done 4 home tests all positive so something must be OK - did the Dr test you there and then?
  • i'm 8 weeks and i've told everyone i put it to those who said i shouldn't tell that if they see me after having some time off and i look upset or completely desolate they know why and wont need to ask me what the problem is! trhey soon change their opinion lol
  • i did loads of home tests wen it was false and i was gettin mixed results! the doc sent a water sample off to the hospital to test it! took bout 3 days to come bk
  • the dr never confirmed mine either, i have done 2 digital tests that were both positive. i have decided that i will tell all my friends after i have seen the midwife at 8 weeks, i think i will burst if i kept it secret any longer it is too exciting.
    thankfully i have not started feeling sick yet i just get cramps and very tender boobs!
  • hi guys congrats to u newly pregnant ladies x but i would suggest waiting to tell people til at least ten weeks . in january i found i was pregnant told people at seven weeks only to be rushed into hospital as it was in my tube and had to have surgery to remove it it was horrible. then second time i found out i was pregnant in march this year told people at six weeks only to miss carry at eight weeks (four days after my wedding). so when i found i was pregnant again in june you can imagine how scared i was, the joy of testing and seeing the two pink lines became my worst nightmare... i finally told people at 12 weeks all be it dubiously. now im 26 weeks with a little girl on the way. its not meant to put a dampener on your happiness but please do try to wait as its so hard to tell people that your not pregnant anymore. wish you all the luck in the world xxxxxx
  • ive bin ther wer i had 2 tell ppl that i wasnt preg any more it was awful i knw ive gotta wait bit longer but its so hard!
    wen im so so happy
  • all the more reason to keep this one a bit hush until its safe thats how i felt anyway. keep me posted and good luck x x x x x
  • Hi Everyone
    I'm 10 and a half weeks with our first. We told our parents the minute we found out. And told most the family and our closest friends just over 5 weeks as we had a family wedding 2 days after I found out and it was just never gonna be kept a secret - I wasn't drinking (which is unusual for me) and my face said it all.

    Wanted to originally keep it quiet from most the family but was going to tell closest friends anyway as the way I see it, if anything went wrong we'd need support from our parents and friends anyway. I respect everyone's decisions especially if any of you have had problems before and then I think I would be the same second time round too.

    By the way had scan now and most people know now. It's all very exciting.

    Em x
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