anyone around?

Have been having mild contractions for a few hours and can't sleep as I'm continuously clock watching and wandering if this is it or if I'm imagining it! So if anyone fancies a chat to take my mind off things I'm here!



  • how r u holding out huni?
  • Well the contractions carried on sporadically all night, then ceased completely and now just have period type pains continuously. Called mw and she said it's either the babies head coming down or early labour. Am very frustrated!!!
  • oo00oo its when baby goes still that its worrying my sister had this with my nephew she was monitored and turned out she was in labour lol oh dear! she had no pain or signs at first :S
  • can imagine the frustration! sher had pains from sat onwards she told me she was in labour but mw said it was branson hick (or what ever its called!) it turned out she was in proper labour lol bless her. just think most the first stage lasts is usualy a day or two then it goes into overdrive and you'll be asking to go back to this lol
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