pregnancy nose

Hi has anybody been told they have got pregnancy nose.?xxxxx


  • gemma what are u on about!! who told u about having a pregnancy nose?? what is it? i have never heard of it haha maybe someone on here has! hope ur ok anyway u and ur pregnancy nose hehe see u soon xx
  • OMG - this sounds like a West Indian wives tale - my mum in law and some of my friends swear that when you are pregnant your nose gets wider!!!!

    I personally have never noticed it happening to me or anyone else!!!!
  • I don't think my nose is wider but I'm permanently congested. I have to let the steam from the shower help unblock it every morning and then I get a nose bleed. Apparently it's because of all the extra blood we have in our systems when pregnant. So if any midwife tries to tell me I need iron tablets this time there'll be trouble!! There is no way I'm taking those again. Sorry if tmi!

    Denise xx
  • I too have pregnancy nose and had it with the other 4 too! I'm not congested but my nose feels puffy, runny and I do get the odd nose bleed too. All part n parcel of pregnancy I'm afraid lol but worth it in the end hey!
  • I had the enhanced sense of smell thing in the early days, seems to have worn off now but at first I hated going round the supermarket because everything smelt so strong. And I have the permanent congestion, but then I always get that in the winter anyway.
    I never heard of your nose looking any different in pregnancy though- how strange!
  • ive got the pregnancy arse, hips and legs. at he moment my nose hasnt spread!!!!!!! know what you mrean though, my sisters nose went wider when she was due, all congested as well.
  • i have an enhanced sense of smell and every morning I have to unblock it, but not aware of it looking any different.
  • Mine doesn't look different (yet!) but I can smell everything soooo much stronger. This morning I could tell my son had put his deodorant on and he was in his own room with the door shut!
    I hate the smell of cooking, tea.. well just about anything.
  • i have ana mazing sense of smell, when i can smell!! most of the time im just constantly bunged uop and it drives me crazy!!! that is what im looking forward to the most after the birth!! being able to breathe properly!! its so frustrating!!! only 15 days left till my due date!! exciting!!

    love grace and bump 37 + 6 xxx
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