How soon to buy???

Hello all just wandering when u all started to buy baby clothes etc in, il be 23 weeks tomorrow and was thinking of getting few things today now iv been paid?? xxx


  • Hiyyya.
    I started buying things at 12weeks image

    Mainly because I wanted to spread the cost, plus I am a shopoholic
    & buying baby things is guilt free.

    If you feel ready to buy things for you baby I say go for it.
    & have fun :lol:
  • I started after 12 weeks but just bought a few baby grows, we have just started buying bigger things so we can spread the cost. I'm 17 weeks and want to get most things before I get too big to be bothered shopping. We ordered our pushchair last night, it's exciting...

    Sazzle xx
  • i started after my 20 week scan hun ive done most of mine online cos im a lazy cow lol and h8 fightin in the shops xx
  • i got a few bits after the first 12 week scan, but we have our 20 week scan on tuesday and plan to buy a lot of the larger items from then. xxx
  • Gosh I wish i could wait that long, I am having early scan at 7 + 2 - then I might start buying the odd bit. We do out shopping every 2 weeks, so going to try and get something in each shop, x
  • i dnt usually buy till after about 6 mths but only because of a previous bad experience.I say go 4 it,it does make sense to spread the cost rather than buy all at once and as others have said you probably wnt feel like shopping at the very end xxx
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