liklihood of miscarriage after 21 weeks??

hi i know this is a sad subject but it just seems all of a sudden a few people on here have had miscarriages and i had been blindly floating along just assuming everything will be ok, now it has happened to ladies on here its obviously really on my mind, and i hadnt thought much of it happening before it has really hit me how precious the wee baby inside me really is and how things can just change for the worst so suddenly.i am so worried now ....i guess the only hope i have to hold on to is that i am 21 weeks tomorrow and perhaps this means i am out fof the danger zone but am i wrong to think this?

has anyone ever had experience of mc at this stage or later? would it mean i would actually give birth to the baby?as it is fully formed etc?that would be really traumatic in itself.

i feel so sad for those on here who have had miscarriages, i have never experienced it , and have been fortunate to have a 3 year old and am preg again and things ok so far..

would love to hear experience good or bad?;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Basically hun, I think it is a bad idea even thinking about this and asking questions like that - it's not going to help you rest easy!

    A late-term miscarriage is rare unless the mother had a serious injury or blow to the stomach...After 22 weeks it isn't even classed as a mc, it's classed as prem labour. I'm pretty sure that if you mc after 14 weeks, you have to give birth to the baby, and yes it is fully formed. It must be a horrible life-devastating experience and I am so sorry for anyone who has gone through it and their families/partners and had to deal with the grief.

    But it is rare, and I don't think it's worth worrying about tbh. Bad things do happen but not to all of us. I am 24+3 and still sometimes worry about stillbirth or prem labour. But likelihood is that it isn't going to happen. Please don't worry. x
  • Hi, I can understand your concern. I had a miscarriage at 7 wks.(found out at 12 wks) This time round I am about 18 wks and havent had a scan yet because my doctor didn't believe I was far enough. I told him it was kicking and he said it was due to the festive period. Ha! midwife said different. I am so worried though. I have to feel it move or I am panicking. I have had two normal births but still feel so scared. Scan next week to confirm gestation but It is too late for the down's test ect.. so more to worry about.
  • Hi Laura,

    Its so awful to hear of the ladies on here who have miscarried isn't it.

    This is my first pregnancy and am now 33+6 weeks so out of the danger zone (but haven't stopped worrying!) but my friend miscarried in February at 22 weeks. However this is rare and she knew at the 12 week scan that there was a problem. There was something wrong with the placenta and the baby stopped growing. Like Tiger Lily said, she had to give birth to her. They named her and had a funeral. I know of babies that have been born at 23 weeks and survived though.

    Try not to worry though hun. I know you will though as i'm the worst for that! I don't think it ever stops, as before I was worried about miscarriage, now i'm worried about premature labour and her having lots of problems, then i'll be worried that something will go wrong during the birth, then i'll probably worry that someone will take her away or something crazy! It just means we care though and love our babies so much, so although its horrible, its normal.

    Amy xxxxxx
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