A&E last night....but all is ok now :)

OMG What a night!

Due to the snow yesterday me and my oh didnt go into work anyway so we were both at home together. I didnt feel quite right all day, almost a bit sicky/hangover like - but not been drinking. I'd also had mild period like tummy ache all day but thought nothing of this until about 7pm when i went to toilet and wiped and there was a red/brown watery discharge, i didnt say anything to oh and just kept checking and everytime i went there was some, not loads but enough to worry me. I eventually told oh as he kept asking why i was going to the toliet all the time, i was really strong as i knew he'd start panicing and i didnt want this, and got him to get my notes from my car so i could call my midwife.
I called the emergency no and a really rude woman told me as i was ONLY 19 weeks they couldnt help me until i was at least 22 and to go to A&E. I know it was the emergency number so maybe she was annoyed i was clogging the line up - but i didnt know better.

I rang NHS direct who put me through to a nurse and then got another nurse to call me, who was really lovely and tried to reassure me, but told me it might be bad news. She said if it was just the discharge they would tell me to wait but as its tummy pain aswell its best to get checked. Anyway, the advised me to go to A&E, got there about 10pm, saw a triage nurse and then got taken to another part of the hospital to be seen. I was trying to be cool about it and tell my oh everything would all be ok, but was actually quite worried. He said he'd wait in the waiting room as didnt want to get upset, but then i was asked to put a gown on and get into bed so i then got them to get him, and he was panicing that i was in the bed! Anyway.....after blood and urine tests and blood pressure tests they decide to try and listen to babies heartbeat and the local birth centre couldnt fit me in for a few days. The machine they used must of been 30 years old! The 1st dr was listening and I could hear a slow heartbeat 9which was mine) but no baby which was sort of panicing me, she kept blaming the machine - which i think is true, and then a few mins later another dr came in and she got heartbeat straight away, i knew instantly it was baby as was alot faster than mine, and id heart it at my last mw app, my poor oh then got really upset our of releif. The dr was really good and listened for a good few mins and then kept going back to it for us. She was really nice.
We got home around 2.30am by which time it was my oh's birthday (id done a previous post saying i wanted him to feel the baby move today) but hes so relieved everything is ok that he said hearing that heartbeat was the best present ever.
Sorry if this post has gone on a bit.....just very relieved i guess.
One thing i forgot to mention - the nurse last night asked me for a urine sample and said i needed to give it to them before i leave, then she said they wouldnt let me go until i give it, so i think that delayed us by about an hour.
Ive pursuaded my oh to let me buy a doppler, he didnt want me to get one as he said if i ever couldnt get the heartbeat id panic, but it would have saved us going out last night.
Thank you for reading, got our 20week scan on monday cant wait.
Claire66 19+5 xx


  • You poor thing that sounds so scary and I am sooooo pleased everything was ok. I have a Doppler and it's the best thing ever. It can take a while to find the heart beat as the baby is moving about but when you do its soooo worth it.

    K xx

  • Oh thank god everything was ok with baby and you! How frightening you did well to keep calm for your oh!

    Did they explain what the discharge and cramps were?
  • im glad everything is ok now hunn must have been soo worrying i had a bit of bloody discharge 2 weeks ago and panicked like mad turned out to be a uti that had spread to my kidneys but was still scary tho
    claire xx
  • No, thats the funny thing, i meant to ask the dr what she thought caused the pains or discharge, but kind of forget once they found the heartbeat. Ive got a midwife appointment the week after my scan so i will mention it to them and ask, and also next week at my scan i'll ask them if they know. Ive read sometimes bleeding can come from the placenta so whether it was that i dont know.
    I wish I had asked and would have been nice to know.
    I dont know how i kept calm, i was almost in tears when i found the discharge, but after that i was calm, I think i was just worried about it being his birthday and me ruining it!!
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