I'm pregnant!

hiya i am 18 weeks pregnant just started on here


  • hi iam only 4 or 5 weeks and iam new this site

    eve xxx
  • I am also 4-5 weeks and scared ! Does anyone have niggling pains in their lower stomach? I am
  • Hi Iam a first timer 7 weeks tomorrow..I have had pains just what seem like v light period pains...think its normal tho...
  • Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Second time round! Had period pains/lower cramps with both pregnancies. Been told it is very normal. I think it is the baby getting all snug and secure in the womb!!!!
  • Thanks lots. Congratulations to you all. Its my 1st baby and I am 37. It hasn't sunk in yet and don't want to get too excited as I had a miscarriage in Oct. Can't wait for my 1st scan. I think this forum is fab. I live in Portugal and there is hardly any info available to me so resources like this are a godsend. Look forward to following everyones progress. Have a great weekend all.
    Ta again
  • I'm also just over 5 weeks pregnant and have been having niggling pains in my stomach too, i was told it was normal, but i am still worried as this is my first. I don't want to worry too much though as this can also be a strain on the baby aswell.
  • Hi there
    The more I read, the more it says these pains are normal. Its the baby implanting itself. No pains today and a little worried about that ! What are we like ! Really want to enjoy this pregnancy but so far just continually worried...... I think after the 1st scan I will feel better.
    Good luck to everyone and would love to hear how you all get on.
  • Huge congrats to you all, and welcome to the site. Particular congrats to tracey4, I remeber reading your posts when you had you m/c, and my heart went out to you, keep us posted with all your news and a big hug.xx
  • hi tracy4 and everyone, i too get period like pains. im 16 weeks now 17 weeks on friday! still get the period pains always worried, but told by midwife its normal. had so many mis/c, more than i care to remember but there is hope for anyone if i have got this far. was told i needed fertility treatment but i have got there without it. so congrats and good luck to everyone, keep me posted:\)
  • I was convinced their was no way I was pregnant due to aches and pains like I was about to have my period and some spotting which I asumed was the start of it. Am now mum to a perfectly healthy little boy. Will say though that if anyone is in any doubt then check with a doctor or midwife. I was at the doctor and hospital quite a few times when I was pregnant, mainly due to me being paranoid and neurotic but with something so precious you cant be too careful.
  • Hi Purple20
    I am 6 weeks pregnant on Monday. Pretty scary. How are you feeling? I have my 1st appointment with my doc on Tuesday. Feeling OK at the moment but not getting too excited yet. Just want to see the baby on the scan. Hope all goes well for you. Take care and enjoy. Would love to hear how u r feeling. Its my 1st pregnancy and haven't a clue what to expect image
  • Hi Tracy4! How did your appointment go at dr? I'm 26 weeks now and was told last w-end we're having a girl! Also first pregnancy, but all has been fine so far. I do have some abdomanal pain in the evenings like everyone else, but it usualy is only when I was on my feet all day. Enjoy your pregnancy, it is such a wonderful experience. Keep us up to date! Can I just say it is so nice to share all these things with other people. I'm the first one in our group of friends to be pregnant and also I'm from South Africa and have no family here. Can be hard sometimes.
  • Hi Jansen
    Congrats on the news about a little girl. Fab news.
    I hope u are all having a nice Valentines Day image
    Had my appointment with my Doc yesterday and all OK. Everything I seem to be experiencing is normal. Having my first scan on Monday (at 7 weeks). Feel pretty scared as last time (at about 7 weeks) there was no baby, just an empty sac and ended up having a D & C. Trying to be very positive and my Doc is great, he is so understanding. I do feel different this time so fingers crossed all will be OK. Starting to feel sicker now and sleep is awful (although my mind if pretty active). Back and fore to the toilet lots and boobs a little sore in the mornings. Still having the odd tugging pain but the Doc said that is my uterus growing and my bloatedness should go, he said your digestion slows down in the early stages !! All good fun !!!
    Please keep in touch
    Happy thoughts
  • Good luck hun! I will be thinking of you. Try to stay positive and please let us know how it went!
  • hi amanda s i was just reading through some of these posts and noticed ur pic is that a scan of ur baby how did u get that pic it is very clear? em x
  • hey congrats to all, ive been reading through the messages, im not almost 21 weeks and do remember all the cramp pains in the early stages, it's sites like this that calm us all down when we realise we're not the only ones going through it. just wanted to say good luck to tracy too for monday i'll have everything crossed. chat soon, ali Xx
  • Hi Ali-O! I agree with you, it is so nice o chat to other woman that is going through the same process. Sometimes I'm not sure that what I'm feeling is just normal or not. But one e-mail to the chatroom and there is so many woman that are willing to help you! Tracey4, how did the scan go?
  • Hi all
    How are you all.
    Well I had my scan on Monday and this time there WAS a baby with a strong heartbeat. I am officially 7 weeks. The doc did see some blood in my uterus which shouldn't be there but he seemed very positive.
    Last night and this morning I have had a little brown discharge but rang the doc and he seemed OK about it, nothing to panic about. He hopes its the old blood in my uterus. He has given me Duphaston to take twice a day. looked it up on the internet and it sounds OK. Am worried but staying calm. Feel fine (apart from usually yucky sicky feeling and sore boobs).
    How is everyone else doing? Hope all is OK.
    Hugs to you all
  • Hi everyone, I thought I would add on about myself too as i read all your msg's. Just to say, i have just found out I am pregnant, 4-5 weeks. I am very excited and nervous. I am so glad I looked at the msg's about the period pain feeling as I have been getting them and expecting to see my period anytime soon. I went to the Dr's today and he said it was quite normal to have these niggles, i wasn't convinced till I saw everyone mentioning them so my mind has been put to rest.
    Congrates to all of you and good luck with the pregnancies. x
  • hi i have no idea how to do this chat room thingy. so here it goes. i'm pregnant to i'm coming upto 17 weeks now and i'm excited about my next scan in 3 weeks. hopefully i'll be able to find out what it is!!! i want a boy and my partner and his 6 year old daughter wants a girl. to be honest i'm not really bothered as long as its healthy. its really funny the ammount of others that are pregnant too. theres so many. oh well here it goes this is my first entry onto any site fingers crossed it will work!!!!! hello to everyone thats enjoying whats happening to our bodies........ for now wont be saying that in a few months time.. ta ra tracy :\)
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