Well fingers crossed this is the beginning of something as im so fed up now. Ive been cleaning non stop all day, my oh keeps nagging me to rest as its mothers day and him & tegan are meant to look after me and do everything but ive told him id prefer him to sit down quietly and not to make mess while i clean :lol: he thinks its his lucky day lol i mean its probably nothing and ill probs still be here in 5 weeks but a girl can hope cant she :roll:

Hannah 37+1 xx


  • He he he, I was up at 5 am this morning, cleaning out kitchen cupboards! Strange feeling isn't it? Hopefully it's a sign that things will start to happen soon! (But that's probably wishful thinking!)

    37 weeks today! Yipeee!
  • lol yep wishful thinking is more like it xxx
  • I've had that twice now in the last two wks. The last time was nuts and cleaned the whole house top to bottom and sterilised everything. I was knackered after that, so possible too tired to go into labour?
  • my whole body aches this morning from it, but i shall still carry on lol xx
  • ive been up since 5 this mornin, got up to iron! cleaned the kitchen cupboards last week. have builders in, so have to dust,polish,clean,hoover and mop everyday...when it was snowing i cleaned my front door and window sills!! all my friends say i am nesting bad!! but been doin it for about a month now..... but dont want baby coming to a messy house..!!!lol
    Amy 38weeks today xx
  • aww hun, i've been nesting none stop for about a month now, and not so much as a twinge!!!! it got so bad that i stripped the bathroom, redecorated that and have started on the living room!!! no doubt i'll find something else to do once i've finished that too (utility room!!!!) never nested before, so i found it quite strange to have such an overwhelming urge to do these things!!!! hope ur well hun xxxx
  • ugh i'm happy to say i only got the nesting instinct with my 1st pg!!! i've defo been more chilled out these last 2 pgs!!! :lol:

  • hiya

    gatecrashing in from 'due march' im 39 + 4 and its my hub who is doing the nesting, im afraid i havent nested at all! in fact i havent really had any cravings either and i feel embarrassed talking to my bump...hope next pregnancy i will be more 'mumsy'

    one thing i do like though is the smell of Flash bathroom spray, its sooo nice lol

    good luck girls hope time flies for you

  • My hubby is nesting too!
    He's decorated our lounge within a few days (look GORGEOUS) and now he's gonna paint the kitchen, hallways and bathroom!!!
  • If any of you want to come and nest in my house you're more than welcome ! LOL !!! I've got plenty of urge to nest but none of the energy to do it ! As for hubby he has lots of jobs to do but as to whether he'll ever get round to doing any of them is another matter, between work and the Xbox360 he's far too preoccupied !

    MrsW 38+4
  • Ohh I'm nesting aswell. My nesting is a bit different tho, I don't get the urge to do the house from top to bottom. But if I do a job like the hoovering, rather then just hoovering around the sofa or telly I will feel the need to pull it out or move then so I can get under them. I had this urge Mother day and the earlier in the week, Now I can't be bothered to even wash up the breakfast stuff lol. But I still have 3.5 weeks to go lol.

    36 weeks today
    X X X
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