Fuming with the hospital! Can i change?

I am soo mad with the hospital im meant to be having my baby at! They have a "choose and book" appointment system - i did this and my appointment is for next weds for my scan, etc.

Met my midwife at the gp surgery today and she was an angel - fine for me to have the appointment next week and really built my confidence up with the local hospital. Then I arrived home to a letter telling me that the hospital have changed the appointment til19th Dec!!!! When i tried to ring them it was a bloody nightmare - it seems they couldnt arrange a piss up in a brewery. We have arranged childcare and my husband has lost a shift at work because of this appointment and now they want to change it!

Am soooo stressed I dont want anything more to do with this hospital - has anyone else had probs and changed, if so how do you do it? I would rather have it organised properly and wait another 2 months for my scan then step foot in the local maternity unit.

Please help am soo upset at the thought of going there!


  • sorry tohear u had this problem, must be a real let down. u can change your mind at anytime..even wen ur in labour!its ur body, your birth your baby..
  • have yu asked your midwife. THey usually give you a contact numebr to call incase of problems or queries. I do think its unfair to move appts as it means they are putting someone else infromnt of you when you have been waiting or the person who will be doing it has decided to have a day off for some reason. i hate that type of system! i prefer the type that says here's your appointment see you then! i'm waiting for my appoint still but i'm just impatient lol its only been a week lol but want the appt to get the people who are involved in the know enough to rearrange their schedules too lol I've met so many patients whilst working in hospitals that have had numerous problems with the choose and book appts that i dread getting that type of appt.
  • The choose and book system is crap! You choose, you book, you arrange your life round your appointment then they change it! Have tried to get hold of m/w - waiting for her to call me. Problem is Im 200 miles away from where I gave birth to my other 2 and have NO knowledge of the hospitals in this area. All I know is i really dont want to go back to that one!
  • Hey....

    I was fuming cause the good for nothing receptionists at my docs didnt even bother refering me. I'm passed my 12 weeks. No midwife. No twelve week scan. Nothing. Had so many problems and pains. Had no one to speak to and when i tried making an appointment with the docs they say speak to you midwife when they contact you.

    I see my doctor less these days!!! When i was in hospital cause of a bleed and had to stay over a friend called and asked how i was and how the baby was. The woman in charge of the ward asked what baby!!!!!!!!!! after giving things for pain without checking my chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ridiculous.......these people shouldnt be working with people's lives. i am angry too. i was hoping to change but cause we dont drive i needed a hospital close enough to get to by taxi and for check ups. and of course traffic is always bad.

    Oh and btw... no one has got back to me to tell me whether there is space at that hospital..
  • awwwww tashy i feel for you your not having an easy time of it. tell me where you are so i dont move there lol i'd prolly end up losing my partner to anger and arguements with docs etc.... people who are not people orientated should not work in nhs or in Person otientated environment
  • Exactly my point. You have read all my stories on here you know what i have been through!!!!

    They are still messing me about and on top of everything else i'm dealing with a divorce and a mother in law from hell.

    I am not having a good time. But as my mum said.Us woman were born strong. I do miss having family around. Everyone is in south africa. I'm the only one here. I'm in london btw crochetmom
  • I thought I had to wait for an appt to see m/w at surgery, then last week when I had probs with this bloody choose and book system and told receptionist hadnt had appt she booked me into see m/w at surgery there and then! There is no continuity anywhere is there? Every area is totally different. Hospitals are businesses now - not places that care about people
  • hmmm good job its not a place i'd chose to live lol I'd hate the bustle. Awww SA is forever away 11hrs by plane image hard going if your pregnant to fly there. i flew there in 97 it was a long haul for me as a loner but loved it over there. I know its expensive to fly for them. it was about ??400 with insurance for me to go there and i know its gone up. your mom is right though we are strong and definately fighters we've lasted this long in the circle of life we're not about to give up easily! think of the support you have here tashy and oldermom and also the friends and OH you have you have support there. yes the Hospitals and Doctors are crap and unhelpful and we're excited and nervous but at least we have each other to relate too. i don't know what i'd do with out the forum to grrr into lol and the best thing is people understand and don't look at you like your mental! you support the horemonal rushes unlike my OH who shouts out AWOOOOGA AWOOOOGA Hormones alert hormones alert! could slap him sometimes! i don't know what my hospitals going to be like when i get my ppt but i know my surgery and midewife are great and heard it from the mother of a 6mth old lil boy as well as a few student nurses. huggles all image
  • have just had phonecall from the sister on the ward at the local hospital. feel really guilty now! she has bought my appt fwd 1 wk to 12th Dec. She complained to me about the choose and book system and how bad it is! Seems the real staff (nurses) have stayed human and are just as frustrated at us about the changes that are enforced upon them! Will speak to OH tonight but still feel like changing - would any other hospital be different though? He likes local hospital though coz his daughter was born there 10 yrs ago. When I told my mate how fed up I was earlier they said "god help the hospital youve turned psycho since being pregnant" . Is it any wonder?

    Have you got a lot of friends in London to support you Tashy? Are you in central london or outside? I moved from Watford (20 mins) away from london to be 200 miles up north and am missing the hustle and bustle big time.

  • Glad you sorted it out oldermum69. I'm lucky cos in my area they just give you the appointment and that's it. It pisses me off that the mws don't want to work after 2 though cos I finish work at half 3, hardly anti-social hours but they won't work until that time so I have to have time off which I feel bad about as it's a temp job.

    Tashy, I know how you feel doctors are SO unsympathetic about early pregnancy - at least that's what I found! I had bleeding early on several times, when it stopped it started again a day later so I called the GP a few times. The second time it happened I spoke to the receptionist who said the GP would call me back...the receptionist called me back and told me my GP had arranged a scan for me. I was worried and said could I speak to the doctor please and she said fine, I was put through and the GP told me she had arranged the scan, and she had a surgery to run I was wasting her time (!!!!!!)

    I was furious. Okay I was only 6/7 weeks and it is very common but thats no excuse, reassurance meant a lot to me and if I had miscarried I would be devastated.

    However the sonographer and nurse at the hospital were absolutely brilliant and I couldn't fault them. Going for my next scan in 3 and a half weeks!

    Philippa 16+3 x x x
  • It would be so much easier if they all just gave you an appointment and left it at that. Between making appts for Doc, midwife and hospital its a bloody nightmare
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