my very quick birth story !!

hi ladies ok so here goes for my birth story ...ouch image

so on monday 2nd feb i went to see my midwife for my 2nd sweep :roll: at 10.40 am , she did a sweep and said baby's head was really close down and that she thought it would work this time so i came home and started doina bit of cleaning ......about 11.15 am i started to have a few niggles so i tried not to get my hopes up but thought it was the start image ,i rang dan at 12ish to say i was having regular pains but they were not too bad and not to rush but to get home before 3 ish, i couldnt sit for very long so i just walked up and down from living room to kitchen ....

dan arrived home at 1 and went to get us both a sandwich and i rang labour ward to tell them i was in early labour and i would like a water birth when i come in later ,they said ok take some paracetemol and ring them when the pains get worse :roll:

so at 1.45 i went in the bath and got out at 2.15 the pains were coming every minute but only lasting about 25 secs so at 3pm i rang labour ward again and they said i sounded ok to take more paracetemol and they would send my midwife to check me asap ....... image
so at 4.15 my midwife arrived and examined me and i was 5 cm dilated so she said i could make my way to hospital image :lol: .........

ok so i got in the car and WHOA!!! the pains were awful its a 20 minute drive and bad roads ,got stuck behind 3 tractors :roll: and dan was driving very fast whilst i was climbing up the car!!!!... :lol:

arrived at hospital at 5pm and i couldnt walk i dragged myself up to the labour suite and buzzed the door saying "its lisa let me in " they said "who " i just shouted LET ME IN :lol: so open the doors drag myself in and get on the bed ....

midwife comes in to say hi ,her name was helen really lovely girl she examined me and said ,...ohh i cant feel any cervix so your fully dilated image ...jesus 5 cm in 30 minutes!!!!

i asked for some pain relief and they gave me the gas and air then about 5.15 i started pushing ...omg!! it hurt so bad ..(.i had meptid when i was having jack so i dont remember that bit!) then i felt like a real burning sensation and the midwife said she was going to break my waters cos they were still in tact...she did and there was meconium in them so she shouted for a doctor ...PANIC DID I !!!....she kept saying its ok babies heart rate is fine but a doctor will just come to suck babies airways when born he comes in and boy what a dish !! :lol: image so any how i carried on pushing and then i heard them say the head is out so next push get the body out ,and with one almighty push out came baby!!!....dishy doc checked over and then they put baby on me wrapped in a towel and said "you have got a baby girl" ....amazing she was so perfect , but she smelt bad after her losing the contents of her bowels before her big entry image !!....then the next bit was just as painful placenta got stuck and i was bleeding really badly so i had a drip put in to help my uterus contract and had to have a catheta fitted to see if it was my bladder stopping it :roll: !! they left me dan and our new baby girl to get to know each other image ....................................................

at 8pm helen came back in to say she was going to attempt to go home since the snow was so bad ...(i cant say id noticed :lol: ) and i thanked her cos she was fab 8.30 another midwife came in and WHAT A DRAGON!! she told me to go for a shower and i said i couldnt as i had a catheta fitted so she said "why did u have an epidural "i replied very calmy "no go and look at my notes then come back and see me " :lol: so she came back removed the catheta and took me to the shower room and said if i needed help with my drip bag to go through my top to give her a shout and promply shut the door !!!

ok so im stuck in my top hmmm feeling woozy and sore :roll: any way to cut it short i had a shower went back to the room with only 1 arm in cos i couldnt work it out and we discussed names for our beautiful daughter .....we decided on summer grace cos it was sooooo snowy it seemed apt image ....over to the ward i go where summer was awake ALLLLL night !!.........we set off home at 5pm yesterday (tues3rd feb) and i said i couldnt get used to calling her summer so we changed it to sophia grace :lol: and she suits its down to the ground ...........were all home and very happy ,jack loves her ,she doesnt sleep at night so far so ive had 3 hours out of the last 56 odd sleep!!.:lol: but hey its ok cos my family is complete and perfect .

thanks for reading

lisa ,dan, jack and sophia grace

p.s she weighed 6 pound 7 ounces xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx she was born at 5.56 pm ....just 56 minutes after we arrived!! xxxxxxxxx

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