Really uncomfortable braxton hicks!!

I am almost 24 weeks, and i have been having slight braxton hicks for a few weeks on and off-mainly during/after sex (sorry tmi) and i'm not really in the mood for this anyway so having these really doesn't help! They only started off as a tightening in my stomach but now its really uncomfortable. I was at work last night and was walking around and i suddenly started getting the tightening again but worse than ever before and it made me stop in my tracks and even get a bit breathless!!!! It lasted for about 15 min, like every couple of min i would get one and it would ease off after a few seconds. I never had a single one of these when i was pregnant with my daughter-not until the very end at least and i mean 2 days before i was induced at 37 weeks. It gets so solid its unbelievable-i'm not worried and its not painful like a contraction is but i just thought it was a bit early to get them like this. Does or has anyone else got with braxton hicks at this stage? Is it quite normal to be so uncomfortable with them. As i said i'm new to these as i didn't get them with Emma. xxx

PS-I also haven't had a lot of movement from baby this week until last night when i got the BH and after that she has been moving alot more-do you think she just changed position and that caused the tightenings?


  • Hi vikki

    I too am 24 weeks & i have been getting tightening in my belly...this is mainly on my low right side....but i do get it low all too is uncomfortable....i really can't call it pain but just bump goes rock hard. It happened today when i was out walking in town with my husband...i hadn't been walking very long & i had to sit down on a bench for 5 minutes & give my bump a rub. This also happens at home at any time even when resting? It makes me go
    This is my first pregnancy so i'm not really sure what to expect & at what time? you think mine could also be Braxton hicks?

    I'm not sure about your position of your baby can cause this i dont have any experience with this...maybe your midewife can shed some light on this?

    little missie x
    24 + 2
  • Hi little missie, you explained it so well-thats exactly what i get, when i get them i also go oooohhh lol and i also have to rub my bump (especially last night!). It does sound like braxton hicks to me, i get them when i'm resting too but not as bad, its more uncomfortable when i'm walking or as i said before after sex. At least i know i'm not the only one to get them at this stage-i thought iwas over reacting! I didn't want to tell anyone at work last night how uncomfortable i was as i thought i was being silly but had to in the end as i really needed to sit down and give my bump a rub! I suppose it's just practice for whats to come although this is not painful just uncomfortable! lol! x
  • hi there
    i know what you mean - i don't remember getting them with my 1st but my 2nd i remember getting them from about 16 weeks and it takes your breath away - i haven't had them as bad in this pregnancy yet and i'm 20+4 but still plenty of time. I just learnt to breathe through them and that seemed to help.
  • mine have been worse with 2nd pregnancy and earlier on too. have chat with mw to put mind at rest though
    Filo x
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