sharp stich type pains in right side????

hi all,

just wondered if anyone could 11+5wks i started getting a stich type pain down the right side of my tummy yesterday afternoon it eased off then came back last night for a short while then eased off again but has come back this morning worse than yesterday im not feeling unwell and havent had any bleeding phoned the midwife and all she said was to take some paracetamol and try hold out till tommorrow and see my gp and if i start to feel unwell to go to a+e. just wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this or wanted opinions what you think i should do?

thanks in advance

emma xx


  • thanks for your reply katie, ended up at a&e as the pains got alot worse and couldnt hardly get up off the chair or bend down the doc there said ive got a bad water infection and has put me on a course of antibiotics dont think ive ever been so releaved in all my life so glad its nothing to do with baby xx
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