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Am I going to have an acident ????

Right ...... Ive recently been experiencing this weird like feeling right down below as if im going to wet myself !!!!! What is it ? Am I goint to wet myself ?

Also, is anyone's bump bigger at night than first thing in the morn, mine feels like its much smaller in the morn but yet at night i find it hard to move ??

Im 31 weeks and 2 days


  • Have you been doing your pelvic floor exercises!? That might help with the "accident" feeling.

    As for your bump size - it could be that you're getting a bit bloated (is it bigger after a big evening meal?) or it could just be that when you get comfy and relax in the evening, or at night - that your baby likes to stick it's bum out (and get comfy himself) which can make your bump stick out more.

    Ooh - isn't pregnancy glamorous!?
  • I often feel larger in the evening. I notice it straight after having dinner - I bloat out even after a small meal.

    I often get an overwhelming urge to go to the loo even if I have just been. This always happen when I stand up. I'm sure it's the baby pressing on my bladder and sitting down must relieve it.

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