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Got my 4d scan booked


I booked my 4d scan today, I got a cancellation and I go on saturday. Im so exited I cant wait, I will let you know how I get on. :\)

Vicki xx


  • Ooooh - how lucky to get one so soon - you must let us know how it goes. I have mine on 12th April & just cant wait! Jo x
  • yeah mine is on 21st april, i cant wait either!!!
  • Hows you Tess? Jo x
  • Hi Vicki

    I am so jealous! I went for one at 25 weeks pregnant and it was amazing.

    Take tissues & either don't wear mascara or put waterproof stuff on!

    I am 31 weeks pregnant now and wish I could've afforded to have another one, but had lots of stuff to buy to prepare for baby Evie's arrival recently.

    Sam x
  • Hi Jojo, i feel like crap!
  • LOL - fair enough!
  • hi to everyone, i went for a scan last night.

    its a really good thing to go for one, but my baby girl was in a very funny postion so we couldn't get a good picture so iv got to go back.
  • I booked the one on ebay like faithlouise has, its in Nottingham. Im so exited I cant wait. I am not going to find out what im having though as o/h doesnt want to know. I am tempted to though. I will let you know how it goes.

    Vicki xx
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