am i the only one????

am i the only one with lil stretch marks all over my bump????

looking at the pics of all your bumps on our facebook group u all have perfect mark free bumps i feel awful about my bump im 27 weeks and getting bigger now actually waiting for my belly button to pop out (any day now lol)

please tell me im not on my own????


  • Hi, your not alone mine are so bad and i still have 8wks to go my stomach looks like a road map. there really deep to im not going to stress bout it. what will be will be so i will worry when Ive had him.
    Tori x
  • hello, im not pregnant anymore, my lo is 15 weeks. i had lots of stretch marks but they do start to fade away, so i wouldnt worry about it, its a part of bein a mum image thats how i think of it xx
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