Fundal Height - Are they accurate? I'm measuring 44 weeks!!!

Hi everyone,

Just back from the midwife and i'm now measuring 44 weeks! I can't believe it! At the side of the graph it has an estimation of the weight and i'm too scared to convert it. When I was 38 weeks and measuring 39 we converted it and it said baby was 8lb 3oz.

I'm so scared now. Midwife says baby is 'certainly a good size'!


I have been measuring a week ahead for a while now but never 5 weeks ahead.

They also wont induce me until i'm 14 days over and she said they are really busy and understaffed so some women are waiting longer!

39+4 xxxxxxx


  • I don't think they're that accurate, it can depend on how the baby is lay. I was sent for a growth scan at 36 weeks cos I was measuring at 44 weeks, the scan just showed that they baby was quite big but nothing to be concerned about and that they thought I had measured so far ahead was because she was lay with her bum poking outwards!
    When she was born, she weighed 9lbs 12oz but she was 14 days late.
    Don't worry too much.
    Best of luck.
  • OMG!!!!
    Well I just had to convert it.

    It now says 11.02lbs????!!!!!!!!
    That can't be right surely??

    Right I need this baby out now.
    Any labour induction tips.... please let me know! xxx
  • Mine have been accurate so far, I've measured slightly more than average but not as much as a week ahead if that makes sense. Looked at the weight conversion and it says my baby if he grows at the same rate will be about 8lb 2oz (thought it was bigger but I misread it!)
    I'm sure they've got it wrong as they often do, so please don't worry. My friend was told her baby would be over 10lbs at 40 weeks but he was 2 weeks overdue and weighed 8lb 14oz so they were well out. Are they sending u for a growth scan? xxxx
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