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Hi there... just wondering - - are you the same CraftyCharlie... I think we were on the You and Your Wedding site at the same time... ?? Golly that sounds like I am a stalker.. but I am sure I remember your name from there.. and reading all about your honeymoon..??

If so lovely to hear that you are expecting your little one in a few short weeks... good luck with it all.


  • yep - there is a thread on general chat on here from loads of us who were on yyw. What was your name over there?

    Your avatar is lovely - your big day I assume??
  • Hello..! I will have to go and take a look at the other posting.. Embarassingly I can't remember what my name was on the other site - actually I think it was Annabeljl... ??

    Yes indeed my big day - - October last year.. and your's too.. stunning dress..

    Good luck with everything.. not long to go for you..!!
  • I know it is ticking past far too quickly now and I know that with Christmas in the middle it is gonna fly even faster! I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done on line this week though so at least I won't have to brave the shops - too lazy for that!
  • wow - there are loads of us..!! Its amazing.. so lovely to read some of the posts and hear that everyone is doing so well...

  • There are quite a few of us indeedy - we all fall into that totally typical catagory of get married and then have the kids I suppose but hey I am happy with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image
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