What do i need??

Hiya girls...

Im only 13+5 but after my 16 week scan i want to start buying everything ill need (It might be abit early, but im on a budget so need to start asap!) This is my first and i dont really have a clue about what im going to need! Can you please advise me on what im going to need for a newborn upto 3 months ish? I hope you dont think im stupid for not knowing! Im just scared there will be so much i havent got. Already feel like im going to be a bad mum because i dont know!

Also, can someone tell me what muslin squares are? Ive seen these and heard them be mentioned but i dont have a clue what they are!

All advice will be gratefully appreciated! But please remember it is on a budget!

Luv Mikayla
13+5 xxx


  • A moses basket for first few months or a cot straight from birth.
    Couple of baby sleeping bags (gro bags) great as you don't need to buy too many blankets.
    Some transport for baby...travel system, pram, buggy.
    Car seat-essential.
    Some vests, baby grows, hat, cardigan...
    Muslims are good for mopping up mess, double as bibs etc...
    Check out ebay for some bargains...or google baby item lists for more ideas. x
  • The squares are very very handy for sick!!!! They are handy to have when "winding" baby and for any other bits you need to clear up!

    With my 1st I had no idea either - shops are full of stuff "that you cant live without" and I felt the same as you. I did get one of those nappy bins but found it a waste of money - nappy sacks do just as well. The biggys are really your travel system and cot. We are on a budget and live in a very small 2 bed flat so we are doing without all the changing units, baby baths, etc. My mum taught me that a little baby can be bathed just as well in a clean kitchen sink! Pictures my boys are going to hate in the future but thats my revenge lol. Bottles, steriliser, and clothes (not tooo many - you will be bought loads) are good ideas but this time I am also stocking up on nappies, wipes, formula and any baby care product that is on a bogoff or half price. Have you seen the post about the Asda sale that is on this week? Am going there myself tonight when hubby finishes work.

    Also it is worth looking round at boot sales and NCT sales for stuff. We got our pram - mamas and papas for ??30.00. I have never had a new pram for any of my kids.

    Remember its not the stuff you buy your baby that makes you a good mum - its the love you give!!!

    Love Lee xxxxxx
  • Thank you lee, I had a look in asda today and didnt find the sale that good at all, which was a shame as hoping for a bargain or 2! What is NCT? x
  • Hiya, firstly don't worry you don't need to splash out on a lot. Remember friends family relatives will be getting things too!!

    All you really need for baby;s first 3 months is:

    1) 7-10 baby grows and vests roughly one for each day of the week and spares for sick/dirty. A few bibs, muslin sheets (they're used for burping when baby is over your shoulder to prevent mess if they sick up a bit) And a snowsuit and hat if birth is in winter.

    2) Infant car seat

    3) Moses basket/crib/cot

    4) Pushchair/pram (if you buy as a travel system with car seat it works out cheaper) Ebay has lots of bargains look for ones in your area to save on postage and packing charges so you can put them up yourself.

    5) Newborn nappies, sensitive wipes, nappy cream and baby lotion or oil after bathtime

    6) 2 cot sheets and 2 cellular blankets for warmth.

    7) If you're not breastfeeding then you'll need about 6 bottles, sterilizer, milk feed.
    Am I missing anything? Basically that's all you need for newborn. Obviously as you go along you can add things like little outfits as baby grows etc.
  • NCT is National Childbirth Trust! Look out in your local paper for sales - its basically like an indoor boot sale where mums sell off their baby/kid stuff. I got some brill stuff for my eldest son at these. Dont know if they still happen but Im gonna look out for them.

    Am disappointed by the news bout Asda! Gonna go and have look round anyway!

    Forgot to say - Ebay is really good.

  • hello, just to say look around for the sales. i have been informed by friends to only by a couple of baby grows and a few muslin sheets for when you are in hospital as you will be given everything else. My cousin didnt ahve to by anything else until she got to the 3-6 mths stage!

    we havent started looking yet however i suggest joining freecycle. You will probablt get a better bargain on their rather than things people offer 2nd hand in shops and on ebay. We ahve recently got a cotbed of freecycle its a pine one in really good condition, probably better than one you would find on ebay or somewhere. Im planning on seeing what other things come up on freecycle. But plan on getting a new car seat(if getting 2nd hand, check that it hasnt been involved in a car accident) and the rest seeing what bargains i can pick up. I friend brought a baby bouncer for ??5 from a charity shop. I would suggest you make a list of what you need and start looking out for bargains. xxx
  • What is "freecycle" am always on the lookout for a good bargain and havent heard of that one!
  • hi, i know you've had lots of replys but i thought id add, if you're not fussy about whether you buy new or second hand then you can buy great bundles of baby clothes on ebay. i think i spent about ??25 on two huge boxes of baby girls clothing ranging from 0-3months to a year. and on top of that i was given loads from family and friends and now she has more than she'll ever get to wear! i suppose it just depends what people happen to be selling. and i agree, nct sales are great and you get fantastic bargains on everything u can think of. google it, im sure they have a website telling you when/where sales are being held! X
  • Mikayla I'm glad you started this thread as I'm not sure what clothes I'll need to get. Some of the shop websites are great in advising you on 'bundles' to buy. I'm 12 weeks today so the baby is due at the end of July and as I'm currently living overseas its very hot and humid here then (bad timing as I always said I'd hate to be heavily pregnant in the summer!LOL!) at least we have air con though! So do I still need full length body suits and cardy's? Do new borns need more help maintaining their temperature? I should remember all this from when my nephew was born but my minds gone blank!!

    Also when can you venture outside with a newborn? I know its a long way off but its stuff I've been thinking about xx
  • Hi, www.freecycle.org is a global website where people can join a group in their area and offer any of their unwanted belongings etc and people can ask to have them...so rather than binning stuff you offer it on freecycle and see if anyone wants it. I have had to carry bags full of cot sheets & blankets which have been invaluable, I even got a bump belt, books, magazine rack, rotissiere, toys, nipple cream & shields, - I have gotten rid of a washing machine, furniture, firewood, polystyrene & holly! I have a friend that was going to tip loads of perfectly good items but I stopped her and got rid of them on freecycle. One persons rubbish is anothers treasure!

    If you are on a budget then don't bother with moses baskets or cribs - go straight for a cot and use your pram for a little bed.
    Clothes - vests & sleepsuits, don't buy any outfits as they aren't in them long enough and tend to puke on them straight away anyway!
    Muslin cloths are great as burp cloths, nappy boosters (if using washables) and to help keep your modesty when breastfeeding.
    My sister gave me her travel system (I have seen these offered on freecycle)
    You can use your own sheets folded up for the cot, don't feel you have to buy specific cot sheets.
    George sell affordable baby sleeping bags (??10), Grobag & other makes are very expensive - or get one cheaply on eBay.
    I have been given stuff off my friends after their children were finished with them & I also had clothes etc off my friends neighbours & scholl mums friends who are always on the look out for me!
    I'm very lucky that my mother in law works in a nursery and has parents giving her stuff for free to pass on - I got a Bumbo seat off one! I was really chuffed with that. :\)
    Sign up to all the websites/clubs such as pampers, huggies, boots, tesco, SMA, hipp etc to get coupns through the post & samples.
    Don't forget to register with Bounty too - they have coupons including ??5 off baby stuff in ASDA & George in the free bags they give out.
    Hope that helps a bit.
    x :\)
  • Hi frags_jones , thanks for explaining freecycle. We have found that a number if our things we have fot off it is alot better than what we could ahve brought second hand. People often want to get rid of things quickly and stick it on freecycle because they know they can get rid of it in 48hrs or less. Also, because they arent wanting money for things, it is often better quality too. My cousins also suggested signing up to as many baby websites and shops for free as they give you coupons or free samples. Boots are very good for doing buy one get one free etc on baby products. must go to bed as up early tomorrow xxx
  • hi mikayla
    well firstly i'll admit to pinching all the advice you've been given - i'm sat here with a pen and paper jotting things down as theres no way i'll remember all that! as this is my first too...

    when i first found out i was pregnant i went to a NCT sale & found it brilliant!! (must admit when i first walked in i was sceptical cos it looked like a jumble & i couldn't be bothered to sort through everything - def glad i stayed - i ended up with some right bargains! inc a mamas and papas bouncer brand new for ??7!) i'm on the look out for another sale near me now as we know we are having a boy & there was LOADS of clothes last time, new or almost new, as theyre not in them very long! they do have a website so if you google it you'll be able to find a sale near you too.

    i've also brought quite a bit off ebay, including my travel system and cot, both brand new. (worth remembering that it isn't just second hand things sold on ebay) what we did was had a look in shops for what we liked, remember the name & price, come home and looked for it all on ebay! ended up saving ??80 on the travel system buying it this way - we got the graco ''trekko'' 3 wheeler as i found it really easy to push! we also brought our cot from the same ebay shop (so we saved on p+p too) as my OH in forces so we always end up travelling here there and everywhere whenever he gets leave so i wanted a travel cot so the LO always has his own bed. we got the graco contour electra, so for the first month or so he'll be in his cot but in our room. (we hadnt intended on getting a moses basket but we had one given to us so we just brought a new mattress for it - as i'll think it'll come in handy when i'm up and downstairs, i can bring him down with me)

    other thing i've been doing is stocking up on bargain toiletries. a little while ago sainsburys had a half price offer on all their baby bits (exc nappies) but i got loads! as it included johnsons, sainsburys own make & soem medicines. & i know asda had half price offer on the huggies pure wipes (quadruple packs = 288 wipes for ??2.50) not sure if this is still on? to save time though, you can always check websites then you've not made a wasted journey. (thats also how i found out about the offers!)

    Gem xx
    28 +1
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