Well-she finally arrived!! Birth story-PHOTO ON PG2

Hello all!!
I'm back home!
As most of you know I went in Sunday at 8am to be induced-early due to SPD. I had a dose of 'Prostin at 930am and again at 4pm by the evening I was in severe pain but that was due to the Prostin. And I was ony about 1cm dilated. I ended up having some sedative to get some sleep and woke up ready to start again. :roll:

Well next morning I was 3cm!! woo hoo they decided to break my waters! image we waited for a 'slot' till 3pm and my waters were broken. Pretty soon I ws having uncomfortable contractions and decided to get on the bed kneeling as suggested may help the SPD! After 4 hours I was having extremely strong contractions and lots of pressure to push. The midwife checked and though we all thought I was about to deliver ( the midwife included ) -I was only 3cms still! :evil:

I had to move at this time and used the bed like a chair. This instantly stopped the intense pains-midwife now thinks it was the SPD being irritated and the pain mixing with mild contractions!! So at 8pm I went on the drip to bring on contractions. :cry:

At this point I was really low, I ended up going really inward and not talking to anyone. I was exhausted and the pain was really strong. I had pethadine before the drip and cocadomol-which I used with just the tens for about 2 hours. Then The contractions where very strong and by 930-10 I was on the gas and air and begging the midwife not to turn the drip up again-at least for another 30 mins! :lol:

Anyway not long after that I was in severe pain and losing more of my waters as baby moved down. I was saying 'please help me' to the midwife-in a really helpless way and the hubby was getting cross as she was watching tv!! image

I understand now why she was doing this, actually I think at the time I knew. Basically this was it!! I told her I felt I needed to push. She didn't question or check me, just said if you feel like that give it a go! image For a while I held back and paniced a bit-all the while she was discussing the news that was on tv-until the oh turned it off because he thought she was ignoring me!! :roll:

She was actually leaving me to give birth to my baby myself. Having had a traumatic birth with my previous child the stress of this labour was begining to worry me and I thought it was going to be another horrid memory-but thankfully I had this wonderful woman to help. She spoke to me thorough the contractions and advised me how and when to push-whilst not touching me.

I pushed out her head, she even got the hubby to look-which amazed us both and he was still looking when she told me to push out the chin. She stayed there a few moments and then I almost 'breathed' out the rest of her. No stress at all.. the midife only put her hands out to her when I had pushed past her shoulders. It was all controlled by me! image amazing!!

She was delivered to my chest and fed for 20 mins!

Anyway for the details!! Lillith Rose Bazeley was born at 11.03pm 6th October 2008 weighing 7lb 1 and a half oz (they kept changing it!!) with huge feet and hands and lots of almost white blond hair!! I couldn't stop staring at her-she is amazing!!

She's feeding well-though I'm very sore!! and our first night at home last night she went down at 11pm and didn't cry till 5am!!

Lydia & Baby Lillith Rose
Mr Tink, Mia and James

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