told wrong sex for baby

my friend has just had a baby boy which is really lovely but all through har pregnancy she was told she was having a girl opps so now im really nervous when i go my next scan at 34 weeks i was going to see if they could tell me the sex of the baby since it was shy at my 20 week scan now im not sure i want to know because it has happened to three people i know who have been told the wrong sex sorry if i worry any body but just needed to get it off my chest


  • Oh dear, sounds expensive hope she kept the receipts! Although you cant help but think its natures way of saying ' just remember who holds the cards here' makes me glad I dont want to know!
  • her little 1 had to come home in pink bless him but everybody is being nice and have given her loads of boy clothes im not finding out now what sex my baby is x x x
  • OH NO!!!!

    This is one of the reasons we don't want to know! Poor love - must be such a shock as well having called him her all the way through the pg!

    16 days to go
  • Aww poor thing, but a nice story to embarass him in front of his girlfriends when he's older image
  • Oh...what a surprise/shock!!
    We decided not to find out, but i could never imagine being told one thing & it turn out the other!!
    Bless the poor little luv being dressed in pink to come home!! Bet he'll be reminded of that in years to come!!
    Sarah xx
  • oh yes he will we all got photos of him in pink x
  • ahhh this is my worst nightmare! i was told i was having a girl by a pyschic and at a gender scan at 16 weeks and at my 20 week one. but i am having a 4d in 2 weeks so they will check then too! also i have got growth scans at 30 and 34 weeks. would be a nightmare for me as i have everything pink haha xxx
  • I've got a growth scan later this week and I am dreading finding out that my little boy is actually a girl! Don't think I will as I saw the evidence with my own eyes at 20 weeks but I don't think I will relax untill he is born.
  • That happened to me with my first! They werent 100% but were fairly sure it was a boy and then out popped a little girl! I took it with a pinch of salt so didnt have too many blue things but it was a bit of a surprise! Thats one of the reasons why I havent found out with this one, I got such a surprise in the delivery room last time and it was amazing.
  • well i'm hoping my baby doesnt want to surprise me haha xx
  • Eeek, this has got me quite worried! We were told at the 20-week scan that it was a girl (and we certainly couldn't see any boy parts!) so we have been calling it 'her' and have chosen a name and everything. I wouldn't mind if it was a boy, but I have adjusted to the idea of a daughter now- it will completely freak me out if it turns out to be a boy.
  • I had to have a 34 weeks scan for placenta and sonographer could clearly see what sex our baby was. We didn't want to know but she said that baby is so large and clear on screen at 34 weeks that there isn't much mistaking if its pink or blue.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    10 days to go!!
  • Oh my god imagine the horror, on one hand ur so excited uv just had a baby but on the other id feel like it wasnt really mine if it came out the wrong sex. Iv dnt know anyone who that has happened to, we found out with my first and this one is a suprise. I think at 34wks tho they shud be able to tell almost 100% wat the baby is. Kerry xxx

  • she has 3 girls already so was ok with having a boy but still came as a shock the midwife had to double check they told me i was having a boy with my second but she came out a girl i didnt buy anything tho until she was born but only because my mum said i was having a girl so i left it xx
  • Wow! Ive found this post really interesting. Ive had 2 scans and have been told im having a boy, but all the way through this pregnacy ive had a real strong feeling its a girl. I think its just me being wishful (ive already got two boys), but id would be secretly over the moon if it did turn out to be a little girl. xxDBxx
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