Brown spotting at 14+5 UPDATE

Hi girls

Had a few twinges over the last 12 hours and just thought it was things stretching but I've just been to the loo after driving into work and have had some brown spotting. Not sure what to do - should I go home and put feet up, phone midwife for advice or just see how things go? DH is in a meeting all morning so can't get hold of him to speak to. I'm 14+5 but also had some spotting at 10 weeks which was put down to the developing placenta.

Thanks x x x

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  • to be honest with you i would phone you epu for some advice, i had it at 8 and 12 weeks and after a scan everything was ok but was recommended rest for a few days. My mw says that it is more common than you think to bleed in pregnancy but any bleeding should be investigated. Also if you are rhesus negative blood group (which you might not know yet?) you'll need an Anti D injection asap.

    Best wishes xxxxx

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  • You should definitely contact someone, your midwife if possible, if not your GP. It's probably nothing, but better safe than sorry!! xxx

  • Hi

    Thanks for the replies - I have come home and am laying in bed now - still have brown discharge and have a dull ache low down which is really worrying me! I had a twinge in my right side for the last twelve hours or so which I thought was just growing but I'm wondering whether this is connected to the discharge.

    I called the midwife then phoned the GP for an appointment - got one this afternoon. Looked on the maternity hospital website for a direct number for the EPU but unfortunately there isn't one - I think in my area they send you via the GP.

    I have had headaches and been feeling particularly sick when not eating much over last few days (this had subsided slightly before) so am hoping this is a sign the hormones are still high.

    Am going to try and distract myself with some daytime tv until my appointment this afternoon x
  • I have had light brown spotting pretty much all the way through my pregnancy. Midwife said not to worry unless turned red or i had stomach cramps with it.. but if i wanted reassurance at any time to pop up to the hospital. I am now 28 wks and both my scans were fine and baby is moving and kicking hard everyday so seems things are ok. It is a good idea to put your mind at rest and go and see the docs/midwife but thought i'd try and reassure you that it dsnt necessarily mean anything is wrong.. i know it really worried me at first.

  • Hi Secretmama

    I am 15+4 and had a very similar thing happen to me last week - very light brown spots after I went to the loo. I went along to see my GP and she checked for the heartbeat and everything was fine - try not to worry too much, easier said than done I know, but i'm sure everything will be fine.

    Keep us posted?

    H x
  • Hi

    Just got back from doctors - a bit surprised how it all went really.

    I told the doctor about the spotting and the pain (which I'm still not sure whether it's just growing pains) and she immediately phoned the EPU and booked me in for an emergancy scan tomorrow morning! Although before she's said that brown spotting and even bleeding was normal in pregnancy this time she said she couldn't tell me either way if things were OK or not. So then I got slightly worried! I asked if she could hear the heartbeat yet and she found a sonic aid (think that's what it was called) and did pick up both the baby's and my heart beat (you could hear them together, one slow and one fast!) so that was nice and a relief!

    I asked her why she was referring me - I'd wondered whether the combination of the pain and spotting was a bad sign - but she said whenever someone reported any kind of spotting they were referred as a matter of course. When I had spotting at 10 weeks I didn't have pain but was 200 miles from home so we just phoned local bupa hospital and booked ourselves in privately for some reassurance.

    Will let you know how things go tomorrow - I'm hoping the dull pains are just the baby stretching me, as I also have nipping sensations which I normally have with growing. I'm relieved to have heard the heart beat today - think I might invest in a doppler now so I have it on hand for extra reassurance.

    Thanks for the kind replies x x x
  • Oh that's a relief - sounds like positive news if she heard the heartbeat, and it will be great to get to see your baby tomorrow. I only had a scan at 9 weeks and then at 20. So never got to see my baby then which was a shame. I'm sure everything will go really well and be fine. xxx

  • Hi Secretmama,
    How are you feeling now? Good luck for your scan tomorrow-keep us posted!!
    Lydia xxx
  • Hi there

    Thanks for the good luck messages - I just wanted to let you know that I had a scan this morning and everything looks fine. They couldn't explain why I'd had the spotting but said there was nothing to worry about. So I'm very glad that everything is OK (I had a feeling it would be) but it was sensible to get it checked out I think. x
  • I had spotting at 15, 18 and 25 weeks- twice was fresh blood and once brown. It was very worrying but turned out fine~! Like you they had no idea why. I kind of discovered it was sex that aggravated it...brown blood suggests it might have been from a few days ago. Do you think your bleed was for same reason as me? We just stopped having sex til I was 37 weeks and full term.
  • Hi Nicospoon

    Thanks for your message - what you said made sense to me - it might be the reason for the spotting but didn't associate it as the two events were a few days apart. Can it be harmful having the bleeding? I think I'll play safe anyway but just wondered whether it would cause harm or just worry! x
  • Hi hun glad everything seems to be ok. Hope the scan goes well. I had some spotting at 11 weeks which was put down to the placenta too. I always seem to have pains in my lower tummy even now and I'm 21 weeks! I think its just baby growing and stretching my tummy. Good luck for tomorrow.
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