on monday i had 2 get sent home from work because i was being sick and it had bits of blood in it! i was very worried so went 2 the doctors wen i went back today, ( my next day in) and i left my department with no staff! and when i got in today it felt like i was bein made like i was wrong to go home! sorry to rant on but im gettin upset so easy and cnt be doin with it!


  • I work with three men. All of them have kids. And when i asked for a day off. I was made to feel guilty cause i couldnt come in later in the day. when i did ask for it off cause i needed rest.

    I know that most people have this view of "your pregnant, not poorly". It can be very frustrating but i have no idea what the solution just have to carry on and ignore them i reckon. i guess we are all also over emotional and might be picking up on vibes that arent there. who knows

  • it prob is well i am full of hormones lol
  • I was so sick I was signed off work for 6 weeks in the end! Pregnancy itself may not be an illness but the effect of it can make you very ill! My opinion was that if any colleague had a 24 hour vomiting bug for 6 weeks they woudn't be at work either!

    And for the men - I just told them to imagine their worse hangover lasting 24 hours a day for 6 weeks - they soon realised how bad I ws feeliing!

    I'm never normally off work so it was pretty obvious there was something not right! Mosr guessed the pregnancy!

    The most importnat thing is you and baby keeping well!

  • You cannot be penalised for a pregnancy related illness and it might be worthwhile pointing this out to them.

    I know it's easy to say Bec (is your name Becky-same as mine!) but you need to think of you and your bump and if they have a problem with it then you really should approach your line manager (I suggest informally in the first instance). I know you don't need the stress but if it gets bad you could raise a grievance.

    I know how vulnerable you feel when pregnant (I feel the same) but you need to remember they cannot treat you differently. Would they treat a man the same who went home ill with flu?

    However, you need to be firm and if you are unwell go home. You must think of yourself first and if there are any consequences to your pregnancy related illnesses write a letter of grievance.

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  • hi becky yeh my name is becky too! im seein my manager tday and i will let you know how it all goes x
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