Been in hospital again :-(

Hello ladies, hope everyone is well! I've had an eventful couple of days again!!
Started Sunday with a bad head again, i was away on a hen do and said something to my SIL about how many storm flies there were everywhere, to be told there were none and it was my eyes! I was a little worried, but went and had a lie downand felt better, so forgot about it. All day monday i was feeling worse and worse, my head was painful, i had flashing lights in front of my eyes and awful pain in the top of my bump! I decided to leave it, i'd had all this before and had gone to the hospital to be told i was fine, so thought i'd just be wasting their time.
Well. By tuesday my head and stomach were agony and i just felt unwell in myself, nothing i could put my finger on exactly, just not right if you know what i mean. I called my Mum (student midwife) and explained everything to her, told her how i felt i'd be over reacting and wasting their time at the hospital etc etc. She told me in no uncertain terms that i was to call the labour ward and explain all to them, so i did, and they told me to come in. I got there and was seen within about half anhour i suppose. Had protein in my urine, and BP was 165/100! So obviously i was admitted. Had a trace done of the baby, there was a little concern about a deceleration and the fact that she wasnt moving very much, but a bit of shifting about and a sugary drink soon sorted that out!
So now i'm on methyldopa for my blood pressure, as well as the aspirin i've been on since i was 16 weeks, calcium, and cocodamol when needed for the headaches. Oh, and antibiotics for yet another water infection! My consultant arranged for some more growth scans too, one at 32 weeks and one at 36, although he has said he's not convinced i'llmake it to 36, it depends on how i respond to the drugs. So add all that to the itching, and as i'm sure you can imagine i am one fed up mummy to be! The main aim now is to keep her in as long as possible, i'm determined to make it to at least 36 weeks, preferably 37!
I just wanted to say to everybody, if you are feeling even a little unwell, please dont be like me and ignore it, call your midwife or the hospital! I told one of the midwives what i'd thought about wasting their time,and she said they would prefer to see someone and tell them they're fine than not see them til its too late. If my Mum hadnt insisted i went in on tuesday i dread to think what might have happened to me or my little baby by the time i'd decided to see someone :cry:


  • I'm so glad you and LO are ok. That's good advice and i hope all goes well for you. Sorry to hear pg is not being easy on you - lo will be an angel tho - so all will be worth it xxx
  • Ahh thank you, i really hope she is an angel when she comes out, her big brothers keep me on my toes enough as it is! xx
  • aww hun, sorry to hear ur having a rough time at the moment, hopefully the medication will work and u will make it to 37wks! xxx
  • glad your ok hun. hope the medication helps and you can keep your lo baking to 37 wks. look after yourself x x x
  • MrsAmanda i've found that too! The nurse told me those side effects might wear off after a week or so once my body is accustomed to them. Did you feel drunk? I feel really horrible, like a drunk sick feeling, and my head is sooo painful still!
  • Ah hun what a rough ride you're having. I totally understand the feeling of thinking you're wasting peoples time-i've had a few problems too and felt the same way. Hope things improve soon. Lisa 15+6 x
  • You poor thing hun that sounds awful. I am pleased you and the little one are ok though and you just make sure you rest today ok.

    k XX

  • Oh not trying to sound nasty but i'm glad you felt like that, cos at least i know its normal! I know its silly because they know what they're doing, but i keep wondering if they were just taking my blood pressure wrong and have put me on them unnecessarily and they're doing more harm than good! Stupid i know, but hearing that you felt the same way is reassuring. I'm thinking i'll be on them for at least another 8-9 weeks, as i really don't want to deliver before then unless there is absolutely no other choice xxxx
  • Sorry to hear you're having such a bad time Lynz but relieved to hear everything is ok and you are being well looked after.

    You may be the first May member to meet their baby, but hopefully not before 37 weeks!

    Bec 29+6 x
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