Ooohh 47 days left!

Hi everyone!No questions, just thought id share my excitement! I have 47 days left until my edd! Its flying by. x


  • I share ur excitement tasha iv only got 41days and it seems to be going really quick now. Lets just hope it doesn't start to drag now that were getting towards the end. Kerry xxx

  • I have just a little longer at 65 days but they are slowly creeping down but if my lil man is big at 36 weeks scan could be even less, so ive been getting ready and just about sorted for him. Are you all sorted for your new arrivals.
    vikki xx
  • No! Vikki im nowhere near sorted for my new arrival. At the moment i dnt even have a bathroom or kitchen (shud hopefully be done by 6thJune tho). I have no labour bag, hardly any baby clothes and to be honest im not yet mentally prepared for another baby, ahhh! Actually i dnt think i want these next 41days to pass as quickly as i thought, LOL. Kerry xxx

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  • Lol i was like that apart from i have a kitchen and bathroom lol but after seeing mw and her telling me that i wont be let to go overdue and if big then i will be set off i thought i best get ready bag packed etc and have everything from leo so pretty much sorted thank god just need baby now lol
    vikki xx
  • mornin ladies, iv got 50 days left and i really cant wait until little one arrives. i am gonna kill my fella if he doesnt finish the floor this weekend, its only been goin on for 3 months!!!other than that and a cot we are sorted. xxx
  • Kerry, i know what you mean, every weekend for the past month ive said i'll do my bag but still havnt!But a tiny bit of me is hoping that if im not organised baby will come early because im really not sure how much longer i can be pregnant for, ive had enough!Lol!
    Thats good news vikki r, maybe not as long left as you thought then! x
  • I've got 47 days left 2 with daughter num 4....this pregnancy is flying by hope ur keeping well and good luck to you all x

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