Antibiotics in pregnancy (penicillin)??

Hi all

It just seems one thing after another at the moment.

I now have been told i have a chest iinfection which does not suprise me as i have asthma.

I have been prescribed penicillin . Is it safe to take does anyone know?

I also had steroids last week.


28 + 4


  • yea it is. i had it 3 times during my pregnancy. once for a chest infection and twice for sinusitis. it can make u feel really sick tho, so maybe ask for some anti sickness. they gave me some and they are safe too.
    hope this helps
    gracie and bump 39 +5 xx
  • i was given penicillin as well for a gum infection. think it's ok to take as long as there are no allergies towards it from either parent.;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • Hey hun.
    While I was in hospital with a kidney infection a couple of weeks ago they gave me iv penicillin, then sent me home with amoxycillin and this week I was given cefadrin. All for the same infection :cry:

    The docs won't give you anything harmful to lo without making you aware of possible risks.x

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